This page contains pictures of some of nature (fauna and flora are separate) that I saw in Borneo. The scenery is great. I especially liked the cave that I visited, and Mt. Kinabalu. Kinabalu Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

Landscapes in Borneo

Mount Kinabalu Air
Mount Kinabalu from the air. (512k)
Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu. (891k)
River Meanders Rain Forest
River meanders in the rain forest. (439k)
Rain Forest Remains Morning
Rain forest with remains of morning mist. (1131k)
Rain Forest
In the rain forest. (924k)
Rain Forest Along Kinabatangan
Rain forest along the Kinabatangan River. (775k)
Moon Rise Over Rain
Moon rise over the rain forest. (532k)
Evening Turtle Islands
Evening on one of the turtle islands. (580k)
Mud Volcano Tabin Wildlife
Mud volcano in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. (1018k)
Close-up Mud Volcano Tabin
Close-up of mud volcano in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. (829k)
Close-up Mud Volcano Tabin
Close-up of mud volcano in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. (658k)
Entrance Bat Cave
Entrance to the bat cave. (1091k)
Entrance Bat Cave Gauge
Entrance to the bat cave. You can gauge the size of the cave entrance from the size of the palm trees. (958k)
Inside Bat Cave Size
The inside of the bat cave. For a size reference, to the right of the big rock in the foreground are some people. Some of the black spots on the ceiling are bats, millions of them. (362k)
Large Stalactitestalagmite Formation
Large stalactite/stalagmite formation. (777k)
Multi-colored Stalactite Formation
Multi-colored stalactite formation. (688k)
Weird Stalagmite
Weird stalagmite. (791k)
Stalactitestalagmite Column
Stalactite/stalagmite column. (739k)
Stalactite Water Droplet
Stalactite with water droplet. (538k)
Water Dripping Stalactite Stalagmite
Water dripping from Stalactite to Stalagmite. (472k)
Stalagmite Stalagmite Joined Together
Stalagmite and Stalagmite joined together. (633k)
Flow Formation Limestone Cave
Flow formation in the limestone cave. It lets you determine the flow direction of the water (in this case coming towards you). (536k)
Phyto Karst Caused Bacteria
Phyto karst. This is caused by bacteria and algae that grow on the limestone and erode it. It is pointed towards the light source that sustains the growth. (1196k)
Stalagmite Formation Looks Bit
This stalagmite formation looks a bit obscene. (524k)

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