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Miscellaneous Impressions from Borneo

Downtown Sandakan
Downtown Sandakan. (743k)
Fishing Village Sim Sim
Fishing village Sim Sim on stilts near Sandakan. (641k)
Fishing Village Sim Sim
Fishing village Sim Sim on stilts near Sandakan. (1038k)
Fishing Village Sim Sim
Fishing village Sim Sim on stilts near Sandakan. (793k)
Quite Bit Garbage Water
There was quite a bit of garbage in the water around Sandakan and Sim Sim. (925k)
Longhouse Gulung Mulu National
Longhouse near Gulung Mulu National Park. All the native people have been settled in villages long ago. They all have TV and sell trinkets to tourists. (829k)
Houses Bit Ramshackle
Some of the houses are a bit ramshackle. (1059k)
Still Life Village Kinabatangan
Still life in a village on the Kinabatangan River. (923k)
Longhouse Burned While Ago
This longhouse burned down a while ago. (980k)
Improvising Frequently Necessary Cost
Improvising is frequently necessary and cost efficient. (496k)
House Kinabatangan River
House on the Kinabatangan River. (1427k)
Hotel Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation
Hotel near the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. Most of the hotels and lodges were quite luxurious. (1043k)
Only Time During Whole
This was the only time during the whole trip that it really rained hard. Fortunately, it was during a break between the morning and afternoon excursion, so I didn't miss anything. I had shorter rain showers a few times, but nothing major. (981k)
Sign Says "do Put
The sign says "Do not put anything in this area". (751k)
Largest Mosque Kota Kinabalu
The largest mosque in Kota Kinabalu. (718k)
Entrance Buddhist Temple Kk
Entrance to a Buddhist temple in KK. (700k)
Buddhist Temple Kk
Buddhist temple in KK. (1102k)
Beautiful Plant Arrangement Buddhist
Beautiful plant arrangement in a Buddhist temple in KK. (874k)
Statue Buddhist Temple Kk
Statue in a Buddhist temple in KK. (757k)
Elephant Statue Buddhist Temple
Elephant statue in a Buddhist temple in KK. (713k)
Ceremonial Drum Buddhist Temple
Ceremonial drum in a Buddhist temple in KK. (807k)
Incense Burner Buddhist Temple
Incense burner in a Buddhist temple in Sandakan. (714k)
Bonsai Tree Buddhist Temple
Bonsai tree in a Buddhist temple in Sandakan. (779k)
Inside Buddhist Temple Sandakan
Inside a Buddhist temple in Sandakan. (1139k)
Reverse Swastika Symbol Good
The reverse swastika is a symbol for good luck in Buddhism. It is frequently seen in Buddhist temples. (1084k)
Cars Mostly Modern
Cars were mostly modern. (890k)
Spelling Words Like German
The spelling of many words is like in German. For instance "Bas" is pronounced like the English word "Bus". There were a lot of words that were originally English, but were spelled phonetically, just like "Bas" in this case. (800k)
Early Afternoon Flight Taking
The early afternoon flight taking off from Mulu. (494k)
All Internal Flights Borneo
All the internal flights in Borneo with MASWings were in these ATR 72-500 airplanes. (631k)
Atr 72-500 Departing
One of the ATR 72-500 departing. (418k)
Fishing Boats Kk
Fishing boats in KK. (685k)
Gun Boats Malaysian Navy
Gun boats of the Malaysian Navy. There are sometimes pirates in the area, reportedly from the Philippines that necessitate armed vessels. A few years ago pirates abducted a boat with tourists. (599k)
Speedboat Transported Turtle Island
This was the speedboat that transported us to and from the Turtle Island and on the Kinabatangan River. (513k)
Speedboat Very Fast Gps
The speedboat was very fast. My GPS measured it at 50 km/h (31 mph). (585k)
Car Ferry Kinabatangan River
Car ferry on the Kinabatangan River. (781k)
Local Transport Often Rivers
Local transport is often on rivers with these small speedboats. (940k)
Boat Builder Local Village
Boat builder in a local village near Mulu. (1113k)
Local Produce Market Surprised
Local produce market. I was surprised to see the vegetables wrapped individually in foil. (737k)
Locals Fishing Sandakan
Locals fishing in Sandakan. (837k)
Caught Fish While Watching
He caught a fish while I was watching. (979k)
Fishing Gear Sim Sim
Fishing gear in Sim Sim. (586k)
Fish Trap Kinabatangan River
Fish trap on the Kinabatangan River. (774k)
Sifting Grain
Sifting of grain. (758k)
Local Kids Swimming Kinabatangan
Local kids swimming in the Kinabatangan River. (818k)
Local Kids Playing Kinabatangan
Local kids playing on the Kinabatangan River. (816k)
People Seem Wash River
Most people seem to wash up in the river. (969k)
Doing Laundry River
Doing laundry in the river. (1001k)
Produce Farms Mount Kinabalu
Produce farms on Mount Kinabalu. (1113k)
Banana Plant
Banana plant. (1082k)
Durian (Durio zibethinus)
Growing Durian (Durio zibethinus, german: Durian, french: Durian). I did not see (or smell) a ripe Durian. They reportedly smell horrible. (805k)
Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis, german: Kautschukbaum, french: Hévéa). They are making a come-back because the alternative is all petroleum based, which is getting more and more expensive. (960k)
Burning Rain Forest Clear
Burning the rain forest to clear for agriculture. (641k)
Local Dance Group
Local dance group. (593k)
Local Dance Group
Local dance group. (578k)
Dancer Local Dance Group
Dancer with the local dance group. (555k)
Dancer Local Dance Group
Dancer with the local dance group. (730k)
Dancer Local Dance Group
Dancer with the local dance group. (644k)
Canopy Walkway Wobbly Bridges
Canopy walkway. These wobbly bridges are high up in the canopy, as high as 30 m (100 ft). I am afraid of heights, so it was quite a challenge to negotiate these canopy walkways. (1.5M)
Canopy Walkway
Canopy walkway. (980k)
Canopy Walkway Ground
Canopy walkway from the ground. (1430k)

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