This temple complex is located on Elephantine Island next to Aswan. It was dedicated to Satet and her husband Khnoum. It was built by Montuhotep II (2055 - 2004 BCE). It is not one of the big impressive temples, and therefore not on any of the itineraries. I found and explored it myself. I took the local ferry boat to the island and wandered around the temple for a couple of hours. It has a few nice reliefs. It is in the process of being excavated in some areas. It was a refreshing change from the big ostentatious temples that I had seen so far.

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Satet/Khnoum Temple on Elephantine Island

View Temple Complex Berber
View of the temple complex with the Berber village in the background. (605k)
View Over Complex Satet
View over the complex with the Satet Temple itself. (1005k)
View Houses Complex
View of some of the houses in the complex. (687k)
Some of the houses. (974k)
View Southern Part Complex
View of the southern part of the complex. (731k)
View Eastern Part Complex
View of the eastern part of the complex towards Aswan. (823k)
Satet Temple Itself
The Satet Temple itself. (427k)
Parts Ruins Nile Opposite
Parts of the ruins on the Nile, opposite of Aswan. (1064k)
Building Had Direct Connection
This building had a direct connection to the Nile and was used to measure the height of the flood of the Nile. (847k)
Statue Pharaoh Temple
A statue of a Pharaoh in the temple. (614k)
Carved Hieroglyphics
Carved hieroglyphics. (729k)
Relief Goddess Nekhbet
A relief of the Goddess Nekhbet. (647k)
Nicely Carved Reliefs
Nicely carved reliefs. (683k)
Closeup Frontal Face Stones
Closeup of the frontal face on one of the stones. Faces are usually shown in side view, this was one of the few examples where a face is shown in front view. (656k)
Relief Goddess Satet Left
Relief of the Goddess Satet (left) and the God Khnoum (right), her husband. (899k)
Close-up Goddess Satet
Close-up of the Goddess Satet. (963k)
Close-up God Khnoum
Close-up of the God Khnoum. (803k)
View Walls Temple Complex
View of some of the walls in the temple complex. (701k)

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