Hatshepsut (1473 - 1458 BCE) was the daughter of Thutmose I. She was married to her half-brother Thutmose II. She was the most famous of the female Pharaohs. When her husband died, her young nephew was to be crowned successor. Since her nephew was too young, she became regent, and later declared herself Pharaoh. Fearful that the citizens would not accept her as a woman, she dressed as a man, with the ceremonial beard on official occasions. When her nephew, Thutmosis III grew up, he became sole ruler around 1458 BCE.

Her funerary temple is spectacular. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it close-up.

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Temple of Hatshepsut

Temple Hatshepsut Distance Didn't
Temple of Hatshepsut in the distance. I didn't get any closer. This picture was taken from a hot air balloon in fairly hazy weather. (367k)
Birth Name Queen Hatshepsut
Birth Name of Queen Hatshepsut. (1114k)

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