Khonsu was the Moon God, son of Amun and the Goddess Mut. He was shown as a child with the shaved head and the side lock that was worn by Egyptian children. Sometimes he was wrapped like a mummy. He was also worshiped as the God of Time.

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Khonsu - The Moon God

Relief Khonsu Luxor Temple
Relief of Khonsu in the Luxor Temple. Notice the child's lock. (628k)
Relief Khonsu Moon God
Relief of Khonsu, the Moon God (left, holding the Was scepter), Hathor (center), Sobek, the Crocodile God, (right, holding the Was scepter) in the Temple of Kom Ombo. (791k)
Relief Multiple Deities Temple
Relief of multiple deities in the Temple of Kom Ombo. In the top row are from left Khonsu and Sobek with a Pharaoh on the right. On the bottom row are from left Horus with a Pharaoh, Sobek and two Gods flanking a Pharaoh, one with the Hedjet, the White Crown of Upper Egypt on the left of the Pharaoh, and one with the Deshret, the Red Crown of Lower Egypt on the right. The Pharaoh is wearing the Pshent, or Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. I don't know which Gods these two are. (973k)
Wall Painted Reliefs Temple
Wall with painted reliefs in the Temple of Kom Ombo, showing the Pharaoh making offerings to various Gods and Goddesses. On the left is the Pharaoh, with the Gods broken off. On the right are from top to bottom the Goddess Hathor, the God Khonsu, and the God Horus. (1040k)

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