Nephtys was the sister of Isis and Osiris, and the sister and wife of Seth (see Egyptian Mythology). She was the Mistress of the House. She is shown as a woman with the hieroglyph of her name on her head. Seth, her husband, was said to be infertile, since Horus castrated him. He was also said to be gay. As Seth's wife, sexually frustrated Nephtys disguised herself as Isis, her sister, to appeal to Seth. Seth didn't notice her since he was gay, but Osiris, Isis' husband did notice her, mistaking her for his wife Isis. This resulted in the birth of Anubis.

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Nephtys - The Mistress of the House

Relief Nephtys Temple Horus
Relief of Nephtys in the Temple of Horus in Edfu. (647k)
Relief Nephtys Left Brother
Relief of Nephtys (left), with her brother Osiris (center) in the Temple of Horus in Edfu. (891k)
Close-up Nephtys Temple Kom
Close-up of Nephtys in the Temple of Kom Ombo. (777k)
Nephtys Top Row Far
Nephtys (top row, far right) on a wall with lots of hieroglyphics and Gods the Temple of Kom Ombo. On the upper row are also from left Khonsu, Sobek, and the Pharaoh, on the lower tier are from left Haroeris, the Pharaoh, Sobek, and the Pharaoh flanked by two unidentified Gods. (973k)

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