The God of the Underworld (see Egyptian Mythology). He presides over the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. He is one of the oldest Gods. In ancient Egypt, he was the son of Nut and Geb, husband of Isis, and father of Horus and Anubis (with Nephtys).

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Osiris - The God of the Underworld

Relief Osiris Karnak Temple
Relief of Osiris in the Karnak Temple in Luxor. (709k)
Close-up Relief Osiris Luxor
Close-up of relief of Osiris in the Luxor Temple. (661k)
Relief Osiris Center Sister
Relief of Osiris (center) with his sister Nephtys (left) in the Temple of Horus in Edfu. (887k)
Relief Osiris Center Holding
Relief of Osiris (center, holding the Was scepter) and his sister Isis (right) in the Temple of Kom Ombo. (710k)
Close-up Colored Relief Osiris
Close-up of colored relief of Osiris in the Temple of Kom Ombo. (968k)
Relief Osiris Center Sisterwife
Relief of Osiris (center) and his sister/wife Isis (right) in the Philae Temple of Isis. (671k)
Painting Tomb Queen Nefertari
Painting in the tomb of the Queen Nefertari, showing the God of the Underworld, Osiris, receiving the Queen. (558k)
Painting Tomb Senngen Showing
Painting in the tomb of Senngen, showing Osiris, the God of the Underworld. (553k)

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