A lot of the information on this page is from The Ancient Egypt Site (AES below), the site Ancient Egypt (AE below), and from Wikipedia. These sites have a lot of information and consistent time lines, although they differ. The hieroglyphic names are from both the AES and AE website. The times are all from the AE website.

From the Naqada III entry in Wikipedia:

Naqada III is the last phase of the Naqada culture of ancient Egyptian prehistory, dating from approximately 3200 to 3000 BCE. It is the period during which the process of state formation, which began in Naqada II, became highly visible, with named kings heading powerful polities. Naqada III is often referred to as Dynasty 0 or the Protodynastic Period to reflect the presence of kings at the head of influential states, although, in fact, the kings involved would not have been a part of a dynasty. In this period, those kings' names were inscribed in the form of serekhs on a variety of surfaces including pottery and tombs.

Following is the list of Egyptian Pharaohs as well as I could determine it:

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Name of Pharaoh Dates Birth Name Coronation Name Horus Name Comment

(from The Ancient Egypt Site and Ancient Egypt)

Protodynastic Period (Wiki )

3200 - 3080 BCE

Lower Egypt (AE)

3200-3080 BCE

Tiu (Wiki)n/an/an/a
Thesh (Wiki)n/an/an/a
Hsekiu (Wiki)n/an/an/a
Wazner (Wiki)ca. 3100 BCEn/an/an/a

Upper Egypt (AE)

3200-3080 BCE

Horwy31st century BCEHorwyn/an/a
Ny-Hor31st century BCENy-Horn/an/a
Hat-Hor31st century BCEHat-Horn/an/a
Pe-Hor31st century BCEPe-Horn/an/a
Hedj-Hor31st century BCEHedj-Horn/an/a
Iry-Hor (Wiki)31st century BCEn/an/aIry-Hor
Scorpion I (Wiki)31st century BCEn/an/aScorpion I
Scorpion I
Ka (Sekhen) (Wiki)31st century BCEn/an/an/a
Crocodile (Hr Sny)31st century BCECrocodilen/an/a
Scorpion II (Hr wha) (Wiki)31st century BCEn/an/aScorpion II
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