This page has the pictures of various Cartouches that I originally could not identify. If you can identify any of the still unidentified ones, please let me know.

Addendum (25 March 2010)
Dan MacCarthy is a specialist in Egyptian hieroglyphics. He was able to identify most of the names that I could not figure out. I have put the names in this list and added the Cartouche pictures to the appropriate period pages.

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Pharaoh's Cartouches

Meyamun-Menmaatre-Titre? Who is that? (1182k)
Menkheperre-Nebkhepesh? Who is that? (639k)
Menkheperre-Irenre? Who is that? (738k)
Menmaatre Clear But Nomen
Menmaatre is clear, but the nomen is not. The two feathers that make the -y/-i sound are there, so it's probably Seti I. (812k)
Nomen Almost Readable Ramses
The nomen is almost readable as that of Ramses II, but the praenomen would have to include Setepen, which seems impossible here. (668k)
Neferet Or Nofret Ii
Neferet (or Nofret) II, the great royal wife of Senuseret (Senwosret) II? (729k)
One of the Ptolemies. (721k)
Wennefer Unnefer High Priest
Wennefer (Unnefer), the high priest of Amun in King Tut's time. (679k)
Ptolemaios Or Ii
Ptolemaios I or II. (562k)
Unidentified Pharaoh
Unidentified Pharaoh. (673k)


Cartouches Left Right Believe
Who are the Cartouches on the left and right. I believe in the middle is the nomen of Amunhotep III. Are they all Amunhotep III? (616k)
Horus Names
Horus Names of ?? (825k)
Birth Name Thutmosis Iii
Birth name of Thutmosis III? (617k)

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