Montu was a Sun God and a Warrior God. He was shown as a man with a falcon head like Horus, but with two plumes and a Sun disk on his head. He was later associated with Ra as Ra Montu. Montu's worship survived for many years into Greek times. He was eventually considered by the Greek as a form of the war God Aries.

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Montu - The Warrior God

Relief Montu Right Atum
Relief of Montu (right), and Atum (left), and the Pharaoh Ramesses II (center) in the Karnak Temple in Luxor. (1245k)
Relief Montu Center Amun
Relief of Montu (center) and Amun Ra (left, holding the Was scepter), with a Pharaoh (right) in the Luxor Temple. (692k)
Close-up Montu Luxor Temple
Close-up of Montu in the Luxor Temple. (736k)

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