Aircraft Engine Designations

This page is work in progress. I would appreciate any feedback from visitors. I especially would like to get answers to the questions below. For reciprocating engines:
 |||||||||||| |  |
 |||||||||||| |  .->  F: FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)
 |||||||||||| .---->  The Engine displacement in cubic inches
 |||||||||||.------>  L: Liquid cooled engine
 ||||||||||.------->  O: Opposed engine.  Other valid letters are:
 ||||||||||           I (Inline), V (V-engine), R (Radial), X (X-type)
 |||||||||.-------->  D: Diesel engine
 ||||||||.--------->  I: Fuel injected
 |||||||.---------->  S: Supercharged (Engine can operate at manifold
 |||||||              pressures above 29.92)
 ||||||.----------->  T: Turbocharged (Engine can maintain rated power
 ||||||               at altitude, up to a certain maximum)
 |||||.------------>  A: Aerobatic engine (inverted oil system, dry sump)
 |||||                AE: Aerobatic engine (inverted oil system, wet sump)
 ||||.------------->  G: Geared engine
 |||.-------------->  H: Horizontal Helicopter engine
 ||.--------------->  L: Left turning engine
 |.---------------->  V: Vertical Helicopter engine
 |.---------------->  M: Drone

For turboprop engines:

  TP 500 ---->  500 shp turboprop

The questions that I have are:
  1. How are rotary engines specified, how about wankel engines?
  2. Are there more variations for turboprop engines?
  3. How are jet engines specified?

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