People in Ghana were generally friendly, more so in the north that in the cities in the south. In the cities in the south, especially in Accra, people don't like it at all when you take pictures, they can be quite hostile. One got really rude and aggressive when I took a picture of the street scene, not even of him.

Near Kumasi I visited the house of a local family. They were cooking the meal on a fire inside the house without a chimney. As I understand the inside fires cause a lot of problems with lung diseases.

In Kumasi I watched the monthly reception of the local chiefs by the Ashanti king. The king arrives in a large procession and is seated on his throne. Then a long procession of dignitaries and local chiefs arrives. Each dignitary pulls his gown off both shoulders before getting to the king. He bows before the king. The whole reception takes several hours. The gowns are mostly black and white. There were only a few that wore colored gowns.

I saw two dance performances, one in Cape Coast and one in Tamale. The one in Cape Coast was outside, the one in Tamale was in a restaurant.

Business is done a lot on the streets or in the markets. Most streets through villages and small towns are lined with stands that sell everything from victuals to clothes, etc. There are also usually small stores along the roads, with a lot of the merchandise outside.

Agriculture is a large part of the business there. Stands with food and women carrying food for sale on their heads are everywhere. Food is generally sold by women, men sell other stuff like clothes, leather goods, etc.

Chicken are everywhere. Livestock is mostly goats and some sheep. In the central parts they have cattle as well. They do have donkeys to draw carts. There were very few horses and very few dogs in Ghana.

Palm nut processing is a major business in Ghana. The oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruits as well as from the nuts. The nut shells are then used to fuel the fire for cooking the nuts during processing.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

People in Ghana

School Children Gathering Watch
School children gathering to watch us. (976k)
School Children Playing Soccer
School children playing soccer. (939k)
School Children Way Home
School children on their way home. Mostly they were walking, only a few had bicycles. (759k)
Relaxing After School
Relaxing after school. (873k)
School Children Greeting
School children greeting us. (1062k)
Soccer Player Exercising Beach
Soccer player exercising on the beach. (681k)
Men Relaxing Playing Cards
Men relaxing at playing cards. (906k)
Class Women Learn Sewing
This was a class for women to learn sewing with sewing machines. (786k)
Very Few Times Saw
One of the very few times I saw women relaxing and not working. (809k)
Impromptu Music Performance Roadside
Impromptu music performance at a roadside stand that sells drums. My guide in the yellow Hawaiian shirt joined the music. (960k)
Washing River
Washing up in the river. (857k)
Woman Traditional Dress Carrying
Woman in traditional dress, carrying her baby on her back. There are no strollers in these countries, women always carry their babies on their back. (641k)
Woman Formal Dress Still
Woman in formal dress, still carrying her baby. (991k)
Women Western Style Clothes
Women in western style clothes still carry their babies on their back. (725k)
Woman Modern Clothes Southern
Woman in modern clothes. In the southern parts of Ghana many women were wearing modern western style clothes. In the northern parts they were wearing more traditional clothes. (676k)
Formal Male Footwear Reception
Formal male footwear at the reception of the Ashanti king. (743k)
Women Carrying Stuff Heads
Women carrying stuff on their heads. These loads sometimes where quite large. Most of the time they didn't hold on to then load, they were able to balance it without their hands. Some men also carry things on their heads, but not as much as women do. (621k)
Especially Large Load
This was an especially large load. (747k)
Young Girl Basket Head
Young girl with a basket on her head. (671k)
Women Pumping Water Community
Women pumping water from the community well. (989k)
Young Children Pumping Water
Young children pumping water. The little girl had to jump up to the handle and then hang on it to pull it down. (1060k)
Men Only Very Infrequently
Men only VERY infrequently do such chores as pumping water. (894k)
Bucket Full Water Quite
This bucket full of water is quite heavy. (834k)
House Visited Kumasi
The house that I visited near Kumasi. (801k)
Interior House Visited Meal
Interior of the house that I visited with the meal cooking on an open fire inside. (688k)
Children Family Smiling
The children of the family, smiling. (866k)
Father Family Discussing Something
The father of the family, discussing something with my guide. (914k)
Mother Family Visited Kumasi
The mother of the family that I visited near Kumasi, chopping vegetables with a BIG knife. (781k)
Group Children Posing Photo
A group of children posing for a photo. (858k)
Didn't Stand Still Very
They didn't stand still for very long, they got all excited. (828k)
Young Child Sachet Clean
Young child with a sachet with clean drinking water. It is good that they have access to clean water, but the plastic sachets are starting to cause a garbage problem. (618k)
Smiling Young Kid
Smiling young kid. (539k)
Cute Little Kid
Cute little kid. (687k)
Even Young Children Carry
Even the young children carry their younger siblings on their back. (796k)
Wants Become Truck Driver
He wants to become a truck driver  :-) (724k)
Saw Women Wearing Head
I saw some women wearing head scarfs, but not too many. (645k)
Saw Wearing Kind Head
I saw some wearing this kind of head dress as well. (673k)
Attractive Young Women Format
Attractive young women in format dress at the reception of the Ashanti king. (607k)
Older Man Formal Gown
Older man in formal gown at the reception of the Ashanti king. (491k)
Guide Driver Samuel See
This is my guide and driver Samuel. You can see that we were really close to the elephant. (617k)


Tire Shop
Tire shop. (693k)
Household Items Sale
Household items for sale. (689k)
Shops Had Hilarious Names
Many shops had hilarious names. (651k)
Name Bar
What a name for a bar. (694k)
Shop Sells Caskets Funerals
This is a shop that sells caskets for funerals. The caskets are shaped according to what the deceased did in life or wanted to do. A fish for a fisherman and a camera for ?? (645k)
Women Selling Food Stuff
Women selling food stuff in a traffic jam. (592k)
Selling Jumper Cables Traffic
He is selling jumper cables in a traffic jam. (691k)
Roadside Vegetable Stand
Roadside vegetable stand. (884k)
Pineapples Sale Roadside Stand
Pineapples for sale at a roadside stand. These pineapples are slightly different from the regular pineapples that we know. They don't last long, so they can't be used for export, but they taste much better, sweeter, and more flavorful. (1059k)
Roadside Stand Selling Partially
Roadside stand selling the partially processed cassava. These stuff in these blocks is then used to make fufu. (992k)
Charcoal Sale Charcoal Still
Charcoal for sale. Charcoal is still used a lot for cooking. (1067k)
Fresh Coconuts Sale
Fresh coconuts for sale. (1134k)
Bakery Oven
Bakery oven. (1065k)
Mud Brick Manufacture
Mud brick manufacture. (709k)
Roadside Stand Wooden Drums
Roadside stand with wooden drums. They are made right there. (1135k)
Large Wooden Drums
One of the large wooden drums. (804k)
Making Drums
Making the drums. (1046k)
Roadside Kitchen Notice Wheels
Roadside kitchen. Notice the wheels used for holding the frying pan. Similar interesting solutions for everyday problems can everywhere. (851k)
Kente Weaver Kente Long
Kente weaver. Kente are the long, colorful shawls with beautiful designs. (828k)
Close-up Kente Weaver See
Close-up of the Kente weaver. You can see part of the Kente design. (700k)
Warp Yarns Very Long
The warp yarns are very long for weaving Kente. (820k)
Palm Nut Processing
Palm nut processing. (988k)
Small Women's Co-op Processing
Small women's co-op for processing palm nuts into Shea butter. The fires are fueled by big logs that burn on one end and are pushed further into the fire as the end burns. (773k)
Buckets Finished Shea Butter
Buckets of finished Shea butter. (694k)
Shea Butter Lasts Indefinitely
The Shea butter lasts indefinitely without refrigeration. It is wrapped in cloth and prepared for sale in the market. (616k)
Clothes Market
Clothes market. (838k)
Shoe Market
Shoe market. (890k)
Used Pants Washed Dried
Used pants are washed, dried and then sold. (858k)
Cloth Market
Cloth market. (1071k)
Grains Nuts Sale
Grains and nuts for sale. (1163k)
Don't Know Exactly Looks
I don't know exactly what this is. It looks like some chocolate paste. (1169k)
Vegetables Sale
Vegetables for sale. (795k)
Lot Fruit Vegetable Stands
A lot of the fruit and vegetable stands in the market looked very nice, colorful and well organized. (1238k)
Stacks Cloth Sale
Stacks of cloth for sale. (1312k)
Fish Market
Fish market. (958k)
Okra. (891k)
Tomatoes. (1015k)
Even Small Kids Do
Even small kids do business. These made some money washing out car. (956k)
Bane Africa Black Plastic
The bane of Africa. These black plastic bags that are used in all the markets are a pest; they litter large areas around every village and town. (723k)

Agriculture and Livestock

Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)
Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera, german: Kokospalme, french: Cocotier). (533k)
Disease Area Killed Coconut
There was a disease in the area that killed most coconut palms. They are trying to develop a hybrid that is resistant to the disease. (580k)
Long Grass Used Roofing
Long grass. It is used for roofing. (976k)
Bananas Fruits Covered Plastic
Bananas. The fruits are covered with a plastic sack, to prevent animals from getting to them. (1009k)
Plantain Similar Bananas But
Plantain. They are similar to bananas, but you don't eat them raw. They are fried of roasted, or pounded with manioc to make fufu. (958k)
Cashew Tree (Anacardium occidentale)
Cashew Tree (Anacardium occidentale, german: Cashew, french: Anacardier). (1032k)
Cashew Tree (Anacardium occidentale)
Cashew Tree fruit (Anacardium occidentale, german: Cashew, french: Anacardier). The cashew nut is in the hard shell at the bottom of the fruit. The fruit itself is not used. (677k)
Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao)
Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao, german: Kakaobaum, french: Cacaoyer). (1109k)
Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao)
Cacao Tree (Theobroma cacao, german: Kakaobaum, french: Cacaoyer) fruit. It has nut-like seeds in it that are used to make cacao. (808k)
Cassava (Manihot esculenta)
Cassava field (Manihot esculenta, german: Maniok, french: Manioc). Each plant grows in its own mound of earth. (1130k)
Freshly Planted Cassava Field
Freshly planted Cassava field. (1097k)
Roadside Stand Selling Cassava
Roadside stand selling Cassava tubers. (809k)
Drying Corn Always Domestic
Drying corn. As always, the domestic animals try to get to the people food. (867k)
Chicken Very Good Shape
Chicken. This one is in very good shape. I saw some very scrawny ones. (863k)
Peacock Ashanti King's Palace
Peacock in the Ashanti King's palace. (1361k)
Few Dogs Saw Surprisingly
One of the few dogs I saw. There were surprisingly few dogs in Ghana. (832k)
Goats. (598k)
Sheep Hugging Wall Stay
Sheep. They are hugging the wall to stay out of the sun. I finally learned how to reliably distinguish sheep and goats: In goats the tail goes up, in sheep it goes down. (1087k)
Small Pigs Didn't See
Small pigs. I didn't see many of those. (888k)
Donkeys. (986k)
Cattle Mostly Zebu Kind
Cattle. They were mostly the Zebu kind with the hump. (1003k)
Fish Trap
Fish trap. (1142k)
Fisherman Casting Net
Fisherman casting a net. (810k)
Small Fishing Boats
Small fishing boats. (957k)


Street Accra Streets South
Street in Accra. The streets in the south were mostly in good shape. (715k)
Dirt Roads Center North
Dirt roads in the center and the north can be difficult to drive on when you are following another car. (550k)
Street Kumasi Further North
Street in Kumasi. Further north there were more potholes in the roads. (787k)
Construction Areas Watered Streets
At some of the construction areas they watered the streets to keep the dust down. (822k)
Quite Bit Road Construction
There was quite a bit of road construction in the southern parts, not so much in the north. (611k)
Villages Had Speed Bumps
Most of the villages had speed bumps on the road through the village. (615k)
City Traffic
City traffic. (645k)
Transportation Rural Areas Frequently
Transportation in rural areas is frequently on foot by carrying the loads on their heads. (789k)
Loads Carry Heads Quite
Some of the loads they carry on their heads were quite large. (646k)
Local Transportation Coast Volta
Local transportation on the coast and on the Volta River was often by canoe. (785k)
Carrying Rifle Hunting
He was carrying a rifle to go hunting. (1044k)
See Paddling Hard
You can see that he was paddling hard. (1168k)
Taking Picture Cell Phone
He was taking a picture of me with his cell phone. (818k)
Building Large Wooden Boat
Building a large wooden boat. (830k)
Building Dugout Canoes
Building dugout canoes. (924k)
We Towing Tour Boat
We were towing a tour boat whose motor had failed. (785k)
Local Transportation Coast
Local transportation on the coast. (946k)
Fishing Boat Coast
Fishing boat on the coast. (1069k)
Small Freighter Volta Lake
Small freighter on the Volta Lake. (813k)
Diagram Volta Lake Largest
Diagram of the Volta Lake, the largest man-made lake by surface area. (691k)
People Often Transported Goods
People often transported goods on hand-drawn carts. (721k)
Donkey Cart
Donkey cart. (759k)
Lots Motorcycles Center North
Lots of motorcycles in the center and north of Ghana. (742k)
Ubiquitous Taxis
One of the ubiquitous taxis. (718k)
They load as much as they can. (639k)
Buses Taxis Had Kinds
Many buses and taxis had these kinds of decorations. (763k)
Our Mitsubishi Patchero 4wd
Our Mitsubishi Patchero 4WD SUV. (823k)
Public Transport Minibuses Usually
One of the public transport minibuses, as usually loaded to the gills. (718k)
Way Transporting People
Another way of transporting people. (723k)
Trucks Spewing Exhaust Like
Many of the trucks were spewing exhaust like this. (616k)
Logging Still Done Lot
Logging is still done a lot. (685k)
Tanker Trucks Lot Burkina
Tanker trucks. A lot of them go to Burkina Faso, since there is no pipeline or railroad to connect Burkina Faso with the coast. (582k)
Broken-down Trucks Common Sight
Broken-down trucks were a common sight. (839k)


Dance Band Cape Coast
Dance band in Cape Coast. (875k)
Drummers Dance Band Cape
Drummers in a dance band in Cape Coast. (903k)
Drummer Close-up
Drummer close-up. (673k)
Quite Enthusiastic Drumming
He was quite enthusiastic in his drumming. (633k)
Dancers. (643k)
Dancers. (779k)
Dancers. (711k)
Dancers Too Quite Enthusiastic
The dancers too were quite enthusiastic. (577k)
Drummers Dance Show Tamale
Drummers at the dance show in Tamale. (796k)
Drummers Dance Show Tamale
Drummers at the dance show in Tamale. (692k)
Dance Group Tamale
Dance group in Tamale. (706k)
Dance Group
Dance group. (729k)
Dance Group
Dance group. (603k)
Dance Group Taking Well
Dance group taking a well deserved rest. (611k)
Group Men Wearing Skirts
In this group the men were wearing skirts. (706k)
Drums Museum Accra
Drums in the museum in Accra. (533k)
Traditional Dancer's Head Dress
Traditional dancer's head dress. (613k)
Head Rest Ornately Carved
Head rest ornately carved out of wood. (456k)
Collection Carved Figures Chiefs
Collection of carved figures in the chiefs compound in Paga. (907k)

Forts and Castles

The castles and forts were build from the late 15th to late 18th century. Forts and Castles, Volta, Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

São Jorge Da Mina
São Jorge da Mina Castle in Elmina, built by the Portuguese Diego de Azambuja in 1482. (696k)
Interior Courtyard Caste
Interior courtyard in the caste. (640k)
Canons Castle Roof
Canons on the castle roof. (598k)
Fort Coenraadsburg St Jago
Fort Coenraadsburg on St. Jago Hill, opposite the castle, built by the Portuguese in 1555 under the name Forte de São Tiago. (768k)
Fort Between Accra Cape
Fort between Accra and Cape Coast. (635k)

Cities, Towns and Villages

Independence Square Accra
Independence Square in Accra. (618k)
Mausoleum First President Kwame
Mausoleum of the first president, Kwame Nkrumah. (635k)
Jamestown Lighthouse
Jamestown lighthouse. (473k)
Statue Kumasi
Statue in Kumasi. (498k)
Statue Kumasi
Statue in Kumasi. (713k)
View Over Market Kumasi
View over the market in Kumasi. The whole market is under a roof. The market extends as far as you can see the flat roofs. (809k)
Street Kumasi Quite Bit
Street in Kumasi. There was quite a bit of garbage on the streets. They do street cleaning, but they can't seem to keep up with the garbage thrown in the streets. (753k)
Local Village Villages Then
Local village. In many villages, then houses are painted by the phone companies in their color. The yellow is the color of MTN. (686k)
Red Color Vodafone
The red color is for Vodafone. (716k)
Palace Wa Naa Paramount
Palace of the Wa Naa, Paramount Chief of the Wala traditional area. (592k)
Larabanga Mosque Said Date
Larabanga Mosque. It is said to date from 1421, but there are doubts about its real age. (647k)
Christian Cathedral
Christian cathedral. (609k)
Small Mosque Local Village
Small mosque in a local village. (568k)
Small Church Local Village
Small church in a local village. Many villages had several churches for the various Christian sects. (762k)
Local Settlement Villages Use
Local settlement. Some of the villages use metal roofs. They are longer lasting, but much hotter underneath than the traditional thatched roofs. These are rectangular buildings. (1144k)
Local Village Area Buildings
Local village. In this area, buildings are usually round mud construction with thatched roofs. There was often a lot of garbage around the local villages. (802k)
Local Settlement Area Buildings
Local settlement. In this area, the buildings were mostly rectangular, clustered together and connected with walls to protect the interior space. (834k)
Interior Villages Buildings Clustered
Interior of one of the villages. The buildings are clustered together, with a wall between the ones on the outside. (854k)
Local Hut Mood Reed
Local hut. This one was mood and reed construction with thatched roof. As always there is the wooden mortar next to the hut. (853k)
Mud Brick Hut Metal
Mud brick hut with metal roof. This hut seems to be on the brink of collapsing. (1059k)
House Compound Local Chief
House in the compound of the local chief of Paga. Notice the tree trunk used as a ladder. This type of ladder is used everywhere in Ghana. It always has a fork at the top to keep it stable when leaning on a wall. (889k)
Outhouse Villages Visited
This was the outhouse in one of the villages that I visited. (973k)
Used Village School
This used to be the village school. (812k)
Government Distributing Solar-powered Lights
The government is distributing these solar-powered lights to villages that don't have electricity. (711k)
Working Palm Nuts
Working on palm nuts. (787k)
Cracking Palm Nuts Hand
Cracking palm nuts by hand. (1153k)
Pounded Palm Fruit Flesh
Pounded palm fruit flesh, ready to press for oil. (931k)
Communal Pounding Manioc Or
Communal pounding of manioc (or some other food stuff). (664k)
Cooking Dinner Note Again
Cooking dinner. Note again the tree trunk ladder. (812k)
Soon Woman Left Cooking
As soon as the woman left the cooking food, the goat started eating. (785k)
Work Areas Under Thatched
Some of the work areas are under a thatched roof. (945k)
Food Storage Keep Reach
Food storage to keep it out of reach of the goats. (898k)
Domestic Work Area
Domestic work area. (876k)
Fireplace Usual Few Big
Fireplace. As usual, there are a few big logs that get pushed into the fire as the end burns off. (798k)
Big Wooden Mortars Pounding
One of the big wooden mortars for pounding manioc, etc. (842k)
Fishing Nets Bosomtwe Lake
Fishing nets on Bosomtwe Lake, an impact crater lake in Ghana. (722k)
Mystic Stone Larabanga According
Mystic stone of Larabanga. According to stories, whilst a main road was being constructed, whenever the stone was removed to make way for the construction, it always returned to its original place. They build a detour of the road around the stone. (879k)
Advertisement Stop Aids Health
Advertisement to stop AIDS. There were many health related advertisements like this. (583k)

Ashanti King

Drum Musicians Reception Ashanti
Drum musicians at the reception of the Ashanti king. (935k)
Local Chief Arriving Ashanti
Local chief, arriving at the Ashanti King's reception. The chiefs have a retinue with an umbrella bearer to shade them. (917k)
Meet Greet Among Chiefs
Meet and greet among the chiefs and other dignitaries. (960k)
Procession King More Elaborate
The procession for the king. He has more elaborate, colorful umbrellas. (617k)
Throne King Deserves Own
The throne of the king deserves its own umbrella. (593k)
King Arriving
The king is arriving. (673k)
King Ready Receive Dignitaries
The king, ready to receive the dignitaries and local chiefs. (929k)
Procession Dignitaries Chiefs Bare
Procession of the dignitaries and chiefs with bare shoulders. (834k)
Dignitaries Brought Gifts
Some of the dignitaries brought gifts with them. (1002k)
Bowing Before King Bare
Bowing before the king with bare shoulders. (695k)
Few Dignitaries Had Kind
There were a few dignitaries that had this kind of head cover. They are from a distinct tribe in the area. (667k)
Few Women Approached King
A few women approached the king and bowed as well. (787k)
Women Dignitaries
One of the women dignitaries. (854k)

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