I arrived in Grenada around 8:00 in the morning. I rented a car and drove to Grand Etang National Park, and then up the east side of the island. It is a small island, so you can see a lot in just one day. Unfortunately, it was raining a lot. The trails in the Grand Etang park where extremely muddy, so I couldn't hike a lot. At 16:00 I had arranged to be picked up at the airport to get to the S/V Mandalay. We boarded around 18:00.

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St. George's and around

Saint George's
Saint George's. (861k)
Saint George's
Saint George's. (924k)
Sailboats St George's Harbor
Sailboats in St. George's harbor. (673k)
Luxury Yachts St George's
Luxury yachts in St. George's harbor. (789k)
View Over St George's
View over St. George's harbor with a huge cruise ship. (691k)
View Over St George's
View over St. George's with two huge cruise ships behind it. (906k)
View Saint George's Cathedral
View of Saint George's, with the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on the right, St. George's Parish Church in the center, and St Andrews Presbyterian Church on the left. (720k)
St George's Cathedral Immaculate
St. George's and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. (852k)
St George's St George's
St. George's and St. George's Parish Church. (724k)
Cathedral Immaculate Conception
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. (684k)
Downtown St George's
Downtown St. George's. (794k)
St George's Harbor Front
St. George's harbor front with the ubiquitous Pizza Hut. (1068k)
Leaving St George's Harbor
Leaving St. George's harbor. (815k)
Small Old Church Graveyard
Small old church with graveyard. (944k)


Grand Anse Beach
Grand Anse Beach. (802k)
Youth Fishing Harbor
Youth fishing in the harbor. (764k)
Cute Little Girl Showing
Cute little girl showing off. (563k)
Cute Little Girl Showing
Cute little girl showing off. (921k)
Goats Sheep Everywhere
Goats and sheep where everywhere. (796k)
Abandoned Cars Everywhere
Abandoned cars where everywhere. (827k)

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