Here are some pictures of people in Honduras, local villages, towns, traffic, transportation systems, agriculture, and the beaches.

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Towns and Villages

Huts Miami Sleepy Garífuna
Huts in Miami, a sleepy Garífuna village. (1029k)
Thatch-roofed Hut Miami Sleepy
Thatch-roofed hut in Miami, a sleepy Garífuna village. (1166k)
Village Scene Miami
Village scene in Miami. (1111k)
Village Scene Miami
Village scene in Miami. (1453k)
Mud-walled Hut Copán
Mud-walled hut near Copán. (998k)
Village Scene Copán
Village scene near Copán. (1291k)
Hut Way Cuero Y
Hut on the way to Cuero y Salado nature reserve. (1168k)
Hut Way Cuero Y
Hut on the way to Cuero y Salado nature reserve. (1319k)
Local Restaurant Way Cuero
Local restaurant on the way to Cuero y Salado nature reserve. (1337k)
Village Scene Triunfo De
Village scene in Triunfo de la Cruz, a Garífuna village. (912k)
Houses Triunfo De La
Houses in Triunfo de la Cruz, a Garífuna village. (811k)
House Triunfo De La
House in Triunfo de la Cruz with a neat small garden. (1111k)
More Up-scale House Triunfo
A more up-scale house in Triunfo de la Cruz. (902k)
Cemetery Triunfo De La
Cemetery of Triunfo de la Cruz. (750k)
Small Church Way Cuero
A small church on the way to Cuero y Salado nature reserve. (1073k)
Getting Roofing Material
Getting roofing material. (1165k)
Two Types Thatched Roof
There were two types of thatched roof. This one was made from long palm fronds. (1052k)
Type Roof Made Leave
This type of roof is made from leave bundles that branch out from one point. (1102k)
Fence Posts Made Freshly
Fence posts are made from freshly cut wood. Some of them start sprouting again. (1.5M)
Fences Posts Turned Into
In some fences, most posts have turned into trees again. (1352k)
Rained Lot Streets Villages
It rained a lot. This is what the streets in the villages looked like. (773k)
Village Looked Like
This is what the village looked like. (893k)
Catching Rain Water
Catching rain water. (587k)
Beach Rain
The beach in the rain. (579k)
Driving Villages
Driving through the villages. (705k)
Local Town Tela Rain
The local town, Tela in the rain. (754k)
La Ceiba Sun Nicer
La Ceiba in the sun, a much nicer view. (1129k)
Towns Quite Clean Even
The towns were quite clean. Even an empty lot was not loaded with garbage. In the USA such lots frequently look a lot worse. (850k)
Well Maintained Park La
A well maintained park in La Ceiba. (1170k)


Canadian School Buses Use
US and Canadian school buses are in use everywhere. (1027k)
Taxis Part Quite New
Taxis were for the most part quite new cars. (786k)
Towns Along Major Roads
Many towns along the major roads slow down traffic with serious speed bumps. (673k)
Bumps Really Hurt If
These bumps can really hurt you if you are too fast. (644k)
Buses Between Cities Often
Buses between the cities are often crowded. They fill every available nook and cranny, with plastic extra seats in the aisle. (644k)
Truck Coco Tours Used
This was the truck of Coco Tours that I used most of the time. (941k)
Small Train Line Cuero
The small train line to the Cuero y Salado nature reserve. It used to be the train that hauled bananas from the banana plantation. (1011k)
Train Train Ride About
This is the train. The train ride is about 45 minutes between Cuero y Salado and the village. (1233k)
Train Kid Background Passing
On the train. The kid in the background is passing us on horseback. (730k)
Passed Train Runs Quite
He has passed us. The train runs quite slowly. (941k)
Horse-drawn Carts Still Used
Horse-drawn carts are still used fairly frequently. (858k)
Transportation Ocean
Transportation on the ocean. (585k)
Had Pulled Sails Negotiates
He had pulled down the sails and negotiates the breakers with an oar. (708k)
Kid Crossing River Cuero
A kid crossing the river in Cuero y Salado. (735k)
Checking Lobster Traps
He is checking lobster traps. (1190k)
Scenic View Boats
Scenic view of some boats. (975k)
Bridge So Ferry Yourself
There is no bridge here, so you have to ferry yourself across the brook. (1073k)
School Girls Way Home
School girls, on the way home from school, ferry themselves across. (1136k)
Dilapidated Boat We Started
This was one dilapidated boat. We started going into one of the nature areas in this. He rowed the boat backwards, I guess because the tail was leaking too much, so he tried to keep it out of the water. Fortunately he soon turned back and we got into a slightly less dilapidated boat with an outboard motor. (915k)
Foot Bridge Lancetilla Nature
Foot bridge in the Lancetilla Nature Reserve. (1444k)


African Palms Producing Palm
African palms for producing palm oil are one of the big businesses in Honduras. (991k)
Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)
Coconut Palms (Cocos nucifera, german: Kokospalme, french: Cocotier) are also important. (1348k)
Palms Around Miami Died
Most palms around Miami died during a hurricane a few years ago. New ones are slowly coming back. (955k)
Bananas Important Crop Honduras
Bananas are the most important crop in Honduras. (1285k)
Banana Flower
Banana flower. (755k)
Pineapples Important Crop
Pineapples are another important crop. (845k)
Pineapple Fruit
Pineapple fruit. (723k)


Doing Laundry Local Brook
Doing laundry in the local brook. (1213k)
Local Bakery Triunfo De
The local bakery in Triunfo de la Cruz. (697k)
Cabañas Tucan Hotel Outside
Cabañas Tucan, a hotel outside Triunfo de la Cruz, where I stayed the first night. (664k)
Hotel Had White Capuchin
The hotel had a white capuchin monkey as a pet. (578k)
Used Solar Power Collector
They used solar power with a collector on the roof of each cabin. (692k)
Battery Collected Solar Electricity
The battery that collected the solar electricity. It is a good idea, unfortunately it didn't work, the converter that was supposed to produce current for the lights didn't do its job. (490k)
Rained Lot Roofs Leaking
It rained a lot, and the roofs were leaking. (431k)
Cabañas Colon's Hotel Stayed
Cabañas Colon's was the hotel that I stayed in Triunfo de la Cruz most of the time. (1132k)
Shower Cabañas Colon Somewhat
The shower in the Cabañas Colon was a somewhat improvised construction. And it was only cold water. (409k)
Local Restaurant Beach Triunfo
Local restaurant on the beach in Triunfo. (732k)
Local Pool Hall Bar
The local pool hall and bar in Triunfo. (932k)
Pool Setup Had Pocket
Pool setup. You had to pocket the balls in numerical order, starting with the yellow one-ball, around the table. The final standing was the sum of the numbers on the balls that you pocketed. (654k)
Paying After Pool Game
Paying after the pool game. (709k)
Beads String Used Counting
These beads on a string were used for counting penalty points when you scratched or missed entirely. (713k)
Local Produce Market Tela
Local produce market in Tela. (886k)
Usa Food Habits Getting
USA food habits are getting big in Honduras. All major brands of fast food were represented, like this Dunkin' Donuts. (715k)
Burger King
And Burger King. (795k)
Pizza Hut
And Pizza Hut. (687k)
Complete Delivery
Complete with delivery. (868k)
Maggi Set Seats Under
Maggi set up a some seats under a tent, and did advertising with blaring loudspeakers. (794k)


Preparing Food Miami
Preparing food in Miami. (932k)
Repairing Fishing Nets
Repairing fishing nets. (670k)
School Girl Triunfo De
School girl in Triunfo de la Cruz. (872k)
Little Girl Rain Triunfo
A little girl in the rain in Triunfo. (911k)
Mother Child Beach Having
Mother and Child on the beach, having fun (or not?). (720k)
Making Hairdo
Making of a hairdo. (698k)
Contemplating Drizzle Beach
Contemplating in the drizzle on the beach. (474k)
Contemplating. (438k)
Having Fun Cuero Y
Having fun in Cuero y Salado. (775k)
Evening Fun Cuero Y
Evening fun in Cuero y Salado. (783k)
Triunfo De La Cruz
Triunfo de la Cruz on a Sunday. Thousands of people from the surrounding areas come to the beach in Triunfo. (795k)
Beach Looks Like Sunday
This is what the beach looks like on Sunday. (727k)
Vendor Beach
Vendor on the beach. (622k)
Beach Grill
Beach grill. (835k)
Locals Triunfo Set Roulette
Locals from Triunfo set up a roulette table for the beach goers. (752k)
Beach Vendor Already See
Beach vendor. You can already see what it will look like when the tourists leave. (891k)
But Fun Playing Sand
But for now they have fun, playing in the sand. (620k)
Fun Young
Fun for the young. (851k)
...and the old. (846k)
Fun Surf After Rains
Fun in the surf. After the rains the previous days, the surf was up. (669k)
Fun Boys Girls
Fun for boys and girls. (754k)
Looks Like Without Tourists
This what it looks like without the tourists. (943k)
Beach Huts Without Crowds
The beach huts without the crowds. (902k)
Scenic Moments Beach During
Scenic moments on the beach during the week. (710k)
Scenic Moments Beach During
Scenic moments on the beach during the week. (725k)
Scenic Moments Beach During
Scenic moments on the beach during the week. (922k)
Scenic Moments Beach During
Scenic moments on the beach during the week. (1202k)
Sunset Beach During Week
Sunset on the beach during the week. (532k)

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