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Cefalù is a city in the Province of Palermo, located on the northern coast of Sicily on the Tyrrhenian Sea about 70 km (43 miles) east of palermo with a population of about 14,000. It dates back to Greek times; it is first mentioned in 396 BCE.

The Cathedral, begun in 1131, in a style of Norman architecture which would be more accurately called Sicilian Romanesque. The interior of the cathedral was restored in 1559, though the pointed arches of the nave, borne by ancient granite columns, are still visible. The only mosaics preserved are those of the apse and the last bay of the choir; they are remarkably fine specimens of the Byzantine art of the period (1148) and, though restored in 1859–62, have suffered much less than those at Palermo and Monreale from the process. The figure of the Pantocrator gracing the apse is especially noteworthy.

The Cathedral Church of Cefalù is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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View Cefalù Cathedral
View of Cefalù with the cathedral. (712k)
Piazza Del Duomo Cefalù
Piazza del Duomo with the Cefalù Cathedral. (896k)
Cefalù Cathedral
Cefalù Cathedral. (861k)
Inside Cefalù Cathedral Beautiful
Inside the Cefalù Cathedral with beautiful mosaics dating back to 1145. (958k)
Close-up Mosaic Christ Pantokrator
Close-up of the mosaic of Christ Pantokrator. (1112k)
Inside Cefalù Cathedral
Inside the Cefalù Cathedral. (856k)
Madonna Statue Gagini Anno
Madonna statue by A. Gagini, anno 1533, in the cathedral. (571k)
Marble Figures Cathedral
Marble figures in the cathedral. (652k)
Narrow Street Cefalù
Narrow street in Cefalù. (900k)
Narrow Street Cefalù
Narrow street in Cefalù. (818k)
Staircase Cefalù
Staircase in Cefalù. (965k)
Courtyard Entrance Stairs Cefalù
Courtyard and entrance stairs in Cefalù. (840k)

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