Wadi Ram has some interesting desert scenery.

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Nature in Jordan

Desert Around Wadi Ram
Desert around Wadi Ram. (586k)
Desert Around Wadi Ram
Desert around Wadi Ram. (705k)
Seven Pillars Wisdom Wadi
Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Wadi Ram. (506k)
Mountains Wadi Ram
Mountains in Wadi Ram. (756k)
Rock Formations Wadi Ram
Rock formations in Wadi Ram. (1035k)
Small Sand Dune
Small sand dune. (739k)
Rocks Look Like Layer
These rocks look like a layer cake, with chocolate running down the sides. (912k)

Flora in Jordan

Desert Plants
Desert plants. (721k)
Small Desert Bush
Small desert bush. (901k)
Desert Flower
Desert flower. (715k)

Fauna in Jordan

Desert Beetle (Adesmia cancellata)
Desert Beetle (Adesmia cancellata). (968k)

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