Following are some pictures of daily life in Myanmar.

I saw a lot of cattle in Myanmar. I did not see sheep and goats as much, only in one area. Dogs are everywhere, so are chicken.

Traditional dress for men and women is a wrap-around, ankle length skirt.

All school children in Myanmar are dressed the same: White shirt or blouse and green pants of skirt.

Women (and sometimes children) paint their face with a paste made by rubbing a piece of wood bark on a stone mortar. It is called thanaka.

All men chew betel nuts, and constantly spit the red stuff all over the place. This was somewhat disconcerting.

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Village Life

Village. (1183k)
Chicken. (1124k)
Ducks. (902k)
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping dogs. (784k)
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping dogs. (970k)
Resting Cow
Resting cow. (757k)
Large Zebu Cow
Large Zebu cow. (909k)
Livestock. (881k)
Water Buffalo Cooling
Water buffalo cooling off in the river. (629k)
Large Storage Vessel
Large storage vessel. (756k)
House Dog
House with dog. (948k)
House Everything Very
House. Everything was very clean in this village. (951k)
Wood Construction House
Wood construction house. (906k)
House Houses Open
House. Many of the houses were open like that. (891k)
Wood Block Stone
Wood block and stone mortar to make thanaka. (457k)
Red Stains Spit-out
Red stains from spit-out betel nut. This stuff was everywhere. (772k)
Surprised See Something
I was surprised to see something like this. It was in Bagan. They evidently try to keep Bagan clean. I wish Africa would do something about their plastic bags. (639k)
Towns Clean Villages
The towns were not as clean as the villages. (979k)


Village Children
Village children. (955k)
Village Children
Village children. (858k)
Village Children
Village children. (827k)
Two Children Watch
Two children watch the parade near Kalaw. (835k)
Reading Child
Reading child. (803k)
Smiling Child Tending
Smiling child tending to his sibling. (659k)
Children Play
Children at play. (687k)
School Children
School children. (876k)
Child. (620k)
Didn't Seem Too
He didn't seem too happy. The wood pieces in front are for making thanaka. (854k)
Babies Usually Carried
Babies are usually carried like this, not on the back as in Africa. (907k)
Young Pao Woman
Young Pao woman. (642k)
Man Woman Traditional
Man and woman in traditional dress. (834k)
Women Smoking Big
Women smoking big cigars. (914k)
Women Children
Women and children. (1047k)
Woman Traditional Dress
Woman in traditional dress with thanaka, the traditional face decoration. (692k)
Woman. (645k)
Young Woman Thanaka
Young woman with thanaka. (734k)
Kayan Woman Women
Kayan woman. Women of the Kayan Lahwi tribe are well known for wearing neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck, appearing to lengthen it. See Kayan entry in Wikipedia. (696k)
Bathing River
Bathing in the river. (937k)
Bathing Doing Laundry
Bathing and doing laundry in the river. (767k)


Carrying Done Like
Much carrying is done like this, with two loads balanced on a pole. (993k)
Woman Traditional Dress
Woman in traditional dress, carrying a load. (862k)
Load Included Child
This load included her child in one basket. (930k)
Sometimes Loads Carried
Sometimes, loads are carried on the head. This was not as common in Myanmar as it is in Africa. (826k)
Quite Confused About
I was quite confused about these signs. My guide said they were for regulating traffic at intersections. It finally dawned on me that they were instruction signs. They told drivers that when they see a red light, stop, when they see a green light, go. (1118k)
Sometimes Loads Women
Sometimes the loads the women carried were quite large. (960k)
Road Maintenance Cutting
Road maintenance. they were cutting grass by hand. (658k)
Traffic Yangon
Traffic in Yangon. (682k)
Lots Motorcycles Bicycles
Lots of motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws. (900k)
Bicycle Rickshaws Everywhere
Bicycle rickshaws were everywhere. (820k)
Electric Scooters Hire
Electric scooters for hire. (794k)
School Child Way
School child on the way home. (755k)
Ox Cart
Ox cart. (865k)
Horse-drawn Taxi
Horse-drawn taxi. (1086k)
Way Market
On the way to the market. (1013k)
Fishing Boats
Fishing boats. (562k)
Colorful Fishing Boats
Colorful fishing boats. (763k)
Boats Boat Dock
Boats at the boat dock in Bagan. (790k)
Woman Children Small
Woman with children on a small rowboat on Inle Lake. (1058k)
Rowboat. (770k)
Unique Style Holding
Unique style of holding the oar on Inle Lake. (572k)
Unique Style Holding
Unique style of holding the oar on Inle Lake. (713k)
Small Boat
Small boat. (680k)
Small Motor Boat
Small motor boat. (701k)
Small Passenger Boat
Small passenger boat. (702k)
Public Transport Inle
Public transport on Inle Lake. (597k)
Tourist Boats Inle
Tourist boats on Inle Lake. (886k)
Tourist Boats Visiting
Tourist boats visiting the Shwe Inn Dain Pagoda. (1127k)
Running Bilge Pump
Running the bilge pump by hand. (871k)
Our Boat Dead
Our boat with a dead engine being towed by another tourist boat. (723k)
Larger Boat
Larger boat. (685k)
Larger Freight Boat
Larger freight boat. (540k)
Waterway Marker Inle
Waterway marker on Inle Lake. (542k)
Inle Lake Waterways
Inle Lake and the waterways around it were full of these speed boats. (852k)
Spray Lots Water
They spray lots of water around. (769k)
Fixing Motorcycle
Fixing a motorcycle. (828k)
Bringing School Children
Bringing school children home from school. (828k)
Pile On!
Pile them on! (898k)
Pile On!
Pile them on! (745k)
Pile On!
Pile them on! (1059k)
Small Tricycle Public
Small tricycle public bus. (877k)
Main Overland Bus
Main overland bus station in Yangon. (870k)
Overland Bus Operators
One of the overland bus operators in Yangon. (642k)
School Bus
School bus. (652k)
Large Truck
Large truck. (839k)
Train Ring Railroad
Train on the ring railroad around Yangon. (1111k)
Barriers Railroad Crossings
The barriers on the railroad crossings are operated by hand, here by a young kid. (701k)
Sign Railroad Station
Sign in the railroad station in Yangon. (637k)
Air Transport Within
Air transport within Myanmar is mainly with these turboprops. (509k)


Lot Advertising English
A lot of the advertising is in English, even though the target audience should be Burmese. (737k)
Drinking Water Street
Drinking water on a street in Yangon. (834k)
Harvesting Water Cress
Harvesting water cress. (820k)
Harvesting Water Cress
Harvesting water cress. (1373k)
Bringing Harvest
Bringing in the harvest. (767k)
Tomatoes Main Produce
Tomatoes are the main produce from Inle Lake. (980k)
Fishing. (519k)
Fishing. (472k)
Field Work
Field work. (1112k)
Chopping Wood Monastery
Chopping wood for the monastery kitchen. (1025k)
Barber Work
Barber at work. (665k)
Plowing Zebu Cows
Plowing with Zebu cows. (1199k)
Spreading Seeds
Spreading seeds. (1.5M)
Resting Field Work
Resting from field work. (1228k)
Boiling Water
Boiling water. (727k)
Woodworker Foot Driven
Woodworker at a foot driven lathe. (844k)
Upholstery Repair Shop
Upholstery repair shop. (855k)
Boat Under Construction
Boat under construction. (1020k)
Boat Under Construction
Boat under construction. (1011k)
Weaving Fences
Weaving fences. (885k)
Smiths Working Iron
Smiths working iron to make a machete. (869k)
Melting Silver Make
Melting silver to make silver jewelry. (687k)
Silversmith Work
Silversmith at work. (545k)
Making Threads Lotus
Making threads from lotus stems. (876k)
Looms Local Fabric
Looms in a local fabric shop. (850k)
Older Woman Working
Older woman working a loom. (830k)
Painter Work
Painter at work. (805k)
Gasoline Motorcycles Sale
Gasoline for motorcycles for sale. (1225k)
Fueling Motorcycle
Fueling a motorcycle. (965k)
Flower Vendors Inle
Flower vendors on Inle Lake. (858k)
Business Souvenir Vendor
Not much business for the souvenir vendor. (1197k)
Sidewalk Eatery
Sidewalk eatery. (972k)
Food Vendor
Food vendor. (855k)
Sidewalk Café
Sidewalk café. (833k)
Food Vendor Train
Food vendor in a train station. (873k)
Outdoor Restaurant Kitchen
Outdoor restaurant kitchen. (690k)
Cooking Street Side
Cooking in a street side eatery. (985k)
Beauty Parlor
Beauty parlor. (973k)
Sign Hotel Durian
Sign in a hotel: No durian fruits allowed. They stink really bad, but supposedly taste good (I never had a chance to try one). (654k)


Wood Making Thanaka
Wood for making thanaka. (999k)
Flower Vendor
Flower vendor. (1015k)
Spices. (858k)
Spices. (891k)
Vegetables. (1009k)
Vegetables. (1105k)
Vegetables. (878k)
Vegetables. (946k)
Peppers. (1022k)
Peppers. (1057k)
Tomatoes. (1050k)
Various Peppers
Various peppers. (1120k)
Aubergines. (947k)
Leaves Wrapping Betel
Leaves for wrapping betel nuts. (1015k)
Betel Nuts Leaves
Betel nuts and the leaves in which they are wrapped. (1200k)
Betel Nut Vendor
Betel nut vendor. They put the white glue on the leaf, add some pieces of betel nut, and wrap it in the leaf. (897k)
Eggs. (896k)
Fish Paste Quite
Fish paste. It was quite smelly around that vendor. (939k)
Fish Vendor
Fish vendor. (902k)
Fish Vendor
Fish vendor. (1185k)
Fish. (1053k)
Meat Vendor
Meat vendor. (984k)
Waiting Customers
Waiting for customers. (1125k)
Trying Customers
Trying to get customers. (972k)
Weighing Merchandise
Weighing merchandise. (1023k)
Paying Market
Paying in the market. (959k)
Monks Visit Market
Monks visit the market as well. (877k)
Ladies Underwear
Ladies underwear. (782k)
Flip-flop Store
Flip-flop store. (1146k)


Lists Donors Monastery
Lists of donors to the monastery. (793k)
Festively Dressed Child
Festively dressed child, ringing the ceremonial bell in a temple. (807k)
Praying Woman
Praying woman. (642k)
Initiate Monastery Wear
Initiate for a monastery. They wear white at the beginning. Once they are accepted, they wear the red robes. (691k)
Monks Doing Chores
Monks doing chores. (741k)
Monk. (734k)
Young Nuns Coming
Young nuns coming from school. (800k)
Young Monk Reading
Young monk, reading a newspaper in the monastery. (955k)
Monk Reading Newspaper
Monk reading a newspaper. (770k)
Older Monk Way
Older monk on his way to lunch. (703k)
Monks Sightseeing Too
Monks are sightseeing too. (740k)
Monk Nun Relaxing
A monk and a nun, relaxing. (871k)
Monk. (614k)
Monk. (608k)

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