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People in Perú

Jungle Lodge Stayed 3
Jungle lodge. I stayed there for 3 day, about 100 km (60 miles) upstream of Iquitos. The buildings are on stilts because of the flood waters. (1222k)
Yes Bridge We Crossed
Yes, that was a bridge we crossed. (1492k)
Raised Walkway Lodge Lighted
Raised walkway in the lodge, lighted by kerosene lamps. That was the way to the bathroom. At night it was full of insects that had burned themselves on the kerosene lamps. (627k)
Passengerfreight Boat Amazon Transportation
A passenger/freight boat on the Amazon. Most of the transportation in the Amazon basin is done on boats. (789k)
Bringing Harvest Market Iquitos
Bringing the harvest to market in Iquitos. (1025k)
Logs Logging Operations Floated
Logs from logging operations are floated downriver to Iquitos. (936k)
Canoes Like Bicycles Amazon
Canoes are like bicycles in the Amazon basin. Even young children use them to get around. (913k)
Village Amazon North Iquitos
A village on the Amazon, north of Iquitos. (797k)
Boats Harbor Areas Iquitos
Boats in one of the harbor areas in Iquitos. (960k)
Street Scene Iquitos
Street scene in Iquitos. (873k)
Motorcycle Taxi Iquitos Waiting
Motorcycle taxi in Iquitos, waiting for a customer. (1040k)
Local Train Leaving Train
A local train leaving the train station at Machu Picchu, loaded to the max. (928k)
Indian Market Hour Cusco
Indian market an hour from Cusco. (1341k)
Market Stall
Market stall. (892k)
Farming Andes Valley
Farming in an Andes valley. (909k)
Road Hazards Andes
Road hazards in the Andes. (732k)

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