I didn't see many birds in Poland, mainly domesticated ones.

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Birds in Poland

Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)
Peacock (male Indian Peafowl) (Pavo cristatus, german: Blauer Pfau, french: Paon bleu) strutting his stuff in the Lazienki park in Warsaw. (476k)
Closeup Peacock
Closeup of Peacock. (415k)
Closeup Peacock
Closeup of Peacock. (220k)
Closeup Peacock
Closeup of Peacock. (314k)
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor, german: Höckerschwan, french: Cygne tuberculé) in the Lazienki park. (186k)
European White Stork (Ciconia ciconia ciconia)
A European White Stork (Ciconia ciconia ciconia, german: Weißstorch, french: Cigogne blanche) in the Białowieża National Park. (258k)
Woodpeckers Ubiquitous Park Signs
Woodpeckers are ubiquitous in this park. Here are signs of woodpeckers in a dead tree. (311k)
Birds Collect Pine Cones
Some birds collect pine cones and wedge them in the bark of a tree so they can extract the pine nuts. (385k)

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