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by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

The USA pilots data are downloaded from the FAA regularly.

IMPORTANT: None of the data can be used for flight, they are for non-critical personal information only. Do not rely on these data in any way. The FAA is the primary authority as to the "real" information for all information regarding USA pilots.


Fill in only the conditions that you want to search for. To specify more than one string in a field, separate the strings by commas. The search will return all records that match at least one string from each of the specified fields. If you specify contradicting conditions (for instance State: MA and ZIP 82344) you will get no entries back. The strings are interpreted as Unix style regular expression. This means that a "New" in the City field (without the quotation marks) will match "New York" as well as "New Brunswick".

If you get no entries back, it is probably because there are no matching entries in the database. This can be either because you mis-typed an entry or because you specified contradicting criteria, or there really are no registrations with the specified selection criteria.

Be careful when specifying the Country of the pilot. For countries other than the USA, you need to know exactly how the FAA spelled each country. You may want to specify only a part of the country name that is likely to be in the FAA version. The regular expression feature willl automatically find all matching countries.

The search engine is optimized for searches by pilot name. These searches are very quick. However other searches through the 600,000 pilots may take several minutes. Searches will return a maximum of 100 entries.

Important: When you select a rating that has indented ratings directly below it, you search for ANY of the indented ratings. Additionally selecting any of the indented ratings has no effect. For instance if you select "Airplane rating", then selecting the indented "Multiengine Sea rating" below it has no effect, it will be found anyhow. If you want to discriminate the individual airplane ratings, you should NOT select the superseeding checkbox for "Airplane rating".

All input fields are case insensitive, so you can enter upper or lower case letters.

Specify Search Parameters

Last Name
First Name
Medical Class
Medical Expiration Month Year
CFI Expiration Month Year


You can search for all the various certificates and ratings in this section. Please select here whether you want to find certificate holders that have all the certificates that you specify or at least one of them:

Find ANY ALL selected Certificates

Select here whether you want to find certificate holders that have all the ratings that you specify or at least one of them:

Find ANY ALL selected Ratings

The following list of ratings shows the different types of ratings for each certificate grouped together.

Pilot certificate
ATP certificate
Commercial Pilot certificate
Private Pilot certificate
Recreational Pilot certificate
Student Pilot certificate
Airplane rating
Single Engine Land rating
Multiengine Land rating
Single Engine Sea rating
Multiengine Sea rating
Rotorcraft rating
Helicopter rating
Gyroplane rating
Lighter-than-Air rating
Airship rating
Balloon rating
Glider rating
Powered Lift rating
Instrument rating
Instrument Airplane rating
Instrument Helicopter rating
Instrument Powered Lift rating
Certified Flight Instructor certificate
Airplane Single Engine rating
Airplane Multiengine rating
Helicopter rating
Gyroplane rating
Glider rating
Lighter-than-Air rating
Instrument Airplane rating
Instrument Helicopter rating
Ground Instructor certificate
Basic rating
Advanced rating
Radio Navigation rating
Radios rating
Federal Aviation Regulations rating
Link Trainer Operator rating
Aircraft rating
Aircraft Engine rating
Meteorology rating
Instrument rating
Flight Engineer certificate
Turbojet Powered rating
Reciprocating Engine Powered rating
Turbopropeller Powered rating
Mechanic certificate
Airframe rating
Powerplant rating
Control Tower Operator certificate
Repairman certificate
Repairman, experimental aircraft builder certificate
Parachute Rigger certificate
Back pack rating
Chest pack rating
Lap pack rating
Seat pack rating
Special Purpose rating
Dispatcher certificate
Flight Navigator certificate

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