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by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

IMPORTANT: None of the data can be used for flight, they are for non-critical personal information only. The actual data may not be accurate, not be up-to-date, or they may be faulty to begin with. Do not rely on these data in any way. The FAA is the primary authority as to the "real" information for all information regarding USA airports.

Instructions: (Please read them...)

This form lets you search for all airports in a certain area. You can specify the area either by specifying a primary airport or a lat/long position, plus a search radius. Maximum search radius is 200 nm.

If a primary airport is specified, but the database contains more than one airport with that identifier, one of the identifiers is chosen at random.

All airports within that radius (that optionally match the runway length restiction) are returned.

The runway length restriction can be an upper or lower limit (eg: < 2000 or > 3000) or a range (eg: 2000 .. 3000, note the blank before and after the range operator "..").

Credit: The airport database was first put together by Patrick Baudis, and then extended by Guenther Eichhorn.

Specify either:
Airport Code:       

Latitude  Degrees:     Minutes:        North  South
Longitude Degrees:     Minutes:        West   East

Search Distance:     nm (max 200)

and optionally
Runway Length:  feet

Return  airports starting with matching entry number 


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