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by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

Disclaimer: These data are for non-critical information only. Do not use these data for flight. The FAA is the primary authority as to the "real" information for all information regarding airport data.


This form allows you to determine the distance between any two airports in our database that have coordinates. It can produce a map of the flight route and returns a link to enroute weather information. Just enter the airport identifiers in the two fields below. If you specify your airspeed, it will also calculate flight times. The map will include airports that are close to the route in fairly evenly spaced segments. If you specify the endurance (time that the airplane can fly with a load of fuel) in addition to airspeed the system with calculate the enroute airports so that you can reach every airport within the endurance time (no allowance for fuel reserve or headwinds is made). You can select to have only airports along the route that have METAR and/or TAF information available. Clicking on an enroute airport will return the information for that airport along with links to various information like weather, local maps, NOTAMS, etc.

The input fields are case insensitive, so you can enter upper or lower case letters.

If any of the identifiers is ambiguous, append country, separated by a comma. Enroute aiports need to be separated by semicolons. If you want to use a VOR or NDB as an enroute waypoint, append "-vor" or "-ndb" to the identifier (eg gdm-vor for the Gardner, MA VOR instead of GDM for Gardner, MA airport, ore-ndb for the Orange, MA NDB instead of the Orange, MA airport).

Identifier for Starting Airport:
Identifier for Destination Airport:
Optional Identifiers for Enroute Airports: (semicolon separated, not for track plot)
Enroute Airspeed: (optional in knots, for flight time calculations)
Endurance: (optional, in decimal hours (eg 3.5), for segment length calculations)
Show area map of flight route
       Include color-coded elevation contours flight route
       Include airspace boundaries (if map scale is large enough)
       Include roads (if map scale is large enough)
       Include VORs (if map scale is large enough)
Show elevation profile of flight route
Plot track, width track: nm (max. 100nm)
Show only airports with METAR weather reporting along track
Show only airports with TAF weather reporting along track

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