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by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

The USA airplane data are downloaded from the FAA regularly.

Disclaimer: None of the data can be used for flight, they are for non-critical personal information only. Do not rely on these data in any way. The FAA is the primary authority as to the "real" information for all information regarding USA airplane registration data.


Fill in as many the search conditions as desired. The search will return all records that match at least one string from each of the specified fields. To specify more than one string in a field, separate the different strings by semicolons. If you specify contradicting conditions (for instance Region: 5 (Alaska) and State: FL) you will get no entries back (any Unix style regular expression can be used here. This means that a "New" in the City field (without the quotation marks) will match New York as well as New Brunswick.) You have to first do the search with the Aircraft Search form to determine the exact models to look for, then use selected codes as input into the following Registration form.

Numerical fields can be searched with relative numerical expressions < (field is less than specified value), <= (field is less than or equal to specified value), > (field is greater than specified value), >= (field is greater than or equal to specified value), .. (the inclusive range operator, field is between lower and upper limit, inclusive. It has to be preceded and followed by a blank), and <> (the exclusive range operator, field is between lower and upper limit, exclusive. It also has to be preceded and followed by a blank).

For instance if you specify 100 .. 200, all entries with a value in that field between 100 and 200 will be returned. Specifying 100..200 (without spaces) will not work. You can specify multiple conditions in these fields too (e.g. < 100 ; >= 900).

If you get no entries back, it is probably because there are no matching entries in the database. This can be either because you mis-typed an entry or because you specified contradicting criteria, or there really are no registrations with the specified selection criteria.

If this sounds complicated, that is because it is complicated. You can do elaborate searches, but the more capabilities the search engine has, the more complicated it becomes. HINT: start with as few parameters as possible (add other parameters a few at a time to focus the search when needed).

Specify Search Parameters

To select aircraft types, please either select a predefined aircraft make/model, or fill in the aircraft code or the aircraft Manufacturer and/or Model fields, but do not use more than one of these options.



Aircraft Make/Model:


Aircraft Codes (one per line) (See: Aircraft Model Search):


Aircraft Manufacturer Aircraft Model

The manufacturer and model number (not commonly used names like Centurion of Tomahawk) must be spelled exactly like the FAA does it in the database. You can use regular expressions in this field if you are not sure how the model number is spelled. For instance:
will find AA5B, AA-5B, AA 5B, AA-5-B, etc.

Caveat: If you specify Make/Model, be aware that this can lead to very long search times. If the list of aircraft types that satisfies your query is long (e.g. for homebuilts where each individual airplane has its own code), each entry in the database is compared against this long list of codes. Query times can be many minutes and may reach the timeout limit of the server.

Registrants Name
Aircraft Year (4 digits)
Registration Year (4 digits)
Registrants City
State (see Note 1)
Zip code
Region (see Note 2)
Country Code (see Note 3)

Return HTML formatted page
Return straight ASCII text
Display results in browser
Return results to file for local storage
Send results to local printer
Return registration(s) starting with matching registration number
  (e.g. to receive matches between 200 and 299 enter
   100 in the left box and 200 in the right box above)

Full search with total matches (slower)
Stop search after selected number of matches (faster)

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