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by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

The USA airplane data are downloaded from the FAA regularly.

Disclaimer: None of the data can be used for flight, they are for non-critical personal information only. Do not rely on these data in any way. The FAA is the primary authority as to the "real" information for all information regarding USA airplane registration data.


Fill in as many the search conditions as desired. The search will return all records that match at least one string from each of the specified fields. To specify more than one string in a field, separate the different strings by semicolons. If you specify contradicting conditions you will get no entries back. Any Unix style regular expression can be used here.

Specify Search Parameters


Registrants Name:

Reservation type (see below for codes):

Return registration(s) starting with matching registration number
  (e.g. to receive matches between 200 and 299 enter
   100 in the left box and 200 in the right box above)

This search will return up to 100 entries.

Reservation Types

  Code   Reservation type
  AA     Reserved - no fee
  FN     Fee paid, notice for expiration sent
  FP     Fee paid
  MF     Reserved to manufacturer - no fee, no expiration date
  MT     Reserved to manufacturer - temporary number
  NC     N-number change is in process
  NN     N-number change is in process, expiration notice sent

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