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Markets, shops, vendors

Street Market Dakar
Street market in Dakar. (695k)
Street Market Train Station
Street market near the train station in Dakar. (889k)
Street Market Suburb Dakar
Street market in a suburb of Dakar. (827k)
Chickens Sale Street Market
Chickens for sale in a street market. (859k)
Stores Saint Louis
Stores in Saint Louis. (724k)
Stores Saint Louis
Stores in Saint Louis. (806k)
Inside Meat Produce Market
Inside the meat and produce market in Dakar. The fish market really smelled. (825k)
Outside Crafts Market Dakar
Outside a crafts market in Dakar. (860k)
Wood Carver Crafts Market
Wood carver in a crafts market in Dakar. (992k)
Wood Carver Crafts Market
Wood carver in a crafts market. (889k)
Wood Carved Three Monkeys
Wood carved three monkeys (don't talk, don't see, don't hear). (725k)
Street Vendor Selling Phone
Street vendor selling phone cards. They do a reasonable business, it is the normal way to recharge your cell phone to make more calls. (799k)
"fast Food" Restaurant
"Fast food" restaurant. (598k)
Barber Shop
Barber shop. (920k)
Fancy Name Local Shop
Fancy name for a local shop. (641k)
Advertising Doctor Practicing Traditional
Advertising for a doctor practicing traditional medicine. (717k)
Local Market Vendor
Local market vendor. (816k)
Local Market Vendor
Local market vendor. (754k)
Street Vendor Dakar
Street vendor in Dakar. (720k)
Street Vendor Dakar
Street vendor in Dakar. (687k)
Street Vendor Dakar Selling
Street vendor in Dakar, selling a book about Hitler being a marionette of the Zionists. (612k)
Auto Repair Shop Saw
Auto repair shop. I saw places like this a lot. (759k)


Vegetable Garden
Vegetable garden. (1098k)
Herd Cattle Seeking Shade
Herd of cattle seeking shade under a Baobab. (728k)
Herd Zebu Cattle
Herd of Zebu cattle. (794k)
Goats Sheep Sometimes Hard
Goats and sheep. They are sometimes hard to distinguish. (854k)
Herd Sheep Road
A herd of sheep on the road. (714k)
Donkeys Sheep Road
Donkeys and sheep on the road. (643k)
Towns Livestock Roaming Around
In the towns, livestock is just roaming around everywhere. (806k)
Roadkill Cow Saw Quite
Roadkill cow. I saw quite a few of those. (949k)


Even Paved Roads Sometimes
Even paved roads were sometimes in pretty bad shape. We frequently used the shoulder or even drove in the grass along the road, because the asphalt was in really bad condition. (658k)
Really Badly Washed Road
This was a really badly washed out road. (739k)
Strictly Enforced Vehicle Width
Strictly enforced vehicle width restriction for a bridge. If you don't fit, you don't go. Our Toyota Landcruiser just barely fit through. (464k)
Lot Transportation Done Hand
A lot of transportation is done by hand, especially outside the cities, but also, like here, in Dakar. (904k)
Bicycles Ubiquitous
Bicycles were ubiquitous. (672k)
Motorcycles Even More So
Motorcycles even more so. (731k)
Donkey Cart
Donkey cart. (763k)
Had Two Donkeys Pulling
Some had two donkeys pulling, but most had only one. (780k)
Local Taxi Small Town
This was a local taxi in a small town. (613k)
Getting Onto Local Taxi
Getting onto a local taxi in a small town. (847k)
Donkey Cart Taxi Saint
Donkey cart taxi in Saint Louis. (609k)
Horse Drawn Cart Used
Horse drawn cart used as taxi. Horse and donkey carts were ubiquitous. (753k)
Horse Drawn Cart Street
Horse drawn cart on a street prohibited for these carts. (960k)
Holding Traffic Quite Bit
He was holding up traffic quite a bit. (736k)
Being Fed During Break
This one was being fed during a break. (745k)
Traffic Dakar
Traffic in Dakar. (828k)
Taxis Dakar
Taxis in Dakar. (915k)
Pretty Bad Shape
Some where in pretty bad shape. (900k)
Don't Survive
And some don't survive. (882k)
Cars Really Bad Shape
Some cars were in really bad shape. But I did see this car drive off, after they finally got it to run (after several attempts at starting). (623k)
Cars Can't Believe Ares
Another of these cars where you can't believe that they ares still moving under their own power. (573k)
Driving Wrecks
Another one of these driving wrecks. (742k)
Idea Wheel Stayed Car
I have no idea how this wheel stayed on the car. I saw similar situations several times. (689k)
Hand Also Quite Few
On the other hand, there were also quite a few new cars on the roads. (720k)
Cars Trucks Frequently Really
Cars and trucks are frequently really loaded. We were driving next to the road, because the road itself was in very bad condition. (554k)
Small Buses Loading Unload
Small buses, loading and unload in a village. These buses are the main mode of transportation between villages and town. (766k)
Always Loaded Heavily
They are always loaded heavily. (773k)
Including Livestock Roof
Including livestock on the roof. (649k)
Local Bus Dakar Brightly
Local bus in Dakar. These brightly decorated buses were everywhere. (953k)
Local Bus Saint Louis
Local bus in Saint Louis. Most of these local buses had "Alhamdoulillah" written on them, meaning "All praise is due to Allah". (807k)
Local Bus Saint Louis
Local bus in Saint Louis. (754k)
Huge 22-wheel Truck
Huge 22-wheel truck. (657k)
Transporting Heavy Road Construction
Transporting heavy road construction equipment. (890k)
Trucks Belched Copious Amounts
Many of the trucks belched out copious amounts of pollution. (654k)
Street Vendor Walking Traffic
Street vendor walking through the traffic jam on the way into Dakar. (388k)
Train Going Into Dakar
Train going into Dakar. The trains were just as packed as the buses. (672k)
Fishing Port Scene Saint
Fishing port scene in Saint Louis. (775k)
Colorfully Painted Fishing Boats
Colorfully painted fishing boats. (620k)
Ferry Boat Across Sénégal
Ferry boat across the Sénégal River into Mauritania. (479k)
Ferry Boats Dakar Plage
Ferry boats in Dakar from the Plage de N'Gor to Île de N'Gor. I was surprised that they were handing out life vests. (626k)
Ferry Boats Dakar Plage
Ferry boats in Dakar from the Plage de N'Gor to Île de N'Gor. (786k)

Daily Life

Street Scene Dakar
Street scene in Dakar. (1007k)
Street Scene Dakar
Street scene in Dakar. (796k)
Street Scene Dakar
Street scene in Dakar. (951k)
Street Sweeping Dakar Streets
Street sweeping in Dakar. The streets were reasonably clean in Dakar. (822k)
Foosball Popular Way Spend
Foosball, a popular way to spend time. (751k)
Village Well People Getting
Village well with people getting their water. (1013k)
Village Life Sénégal River
Village life on the Sénégal river, the border to Mauritania. Unfortunately there was a lot of garbage in a lot of places. (891k)
Fishermen Tending Equipment
Fishermen tending to their equipment. (927k)
Fishing Harbor Scene Resting
Fishing harbor scene with resting horses. (877k)
Did See Frequent Signs
I did see frequent signs of foreign aid, although not as much as in Mali. (704k)
Very Interesting Painting Small
A very interesting painting in a small hotel in Plage de N'Gor, a suburb of Dakar. (648k)

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