This page shows some pictures of people in Sénégal. I would have liked to take more pictures, but people frequently didn't want me to take their pictures.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

Couple Kids
A couple of kids. (624k)
Young Child Big Shoes
Young child in big shoes. (491k)
Kids Village Sénégal River
Kids in a village on the Sénégal River, on the border to Mauritania. (790k)
Local Youth Posing Camera
Local youth posing for the camera. (776k)
Braided Hairdo
Braided hairdo. (458k)
Man Western Clothes Carrying
Man in western clothes carrying bread. (588k)
Man Traditional Clothes
Man in traditional clothes. (833k)
Guide Buying Peanuts Men
My guide buying peanuts. Most men were dressed in western style clothes. (829k)
Fixing Hair
Fixing her hair. (676k)
Local Woman
Local woman. (751k)
Woman Traditional Clothes
Woman in traditional clothes. (563k)
Cell Phone
On the cell phone. (478k)
Woman Somewhat More Modern
Woman in somewhat more modern clothes. (745k)
Three Women Different Styles
Three women with different styles of clothes. (746k)
Woman Putting Baby Back
Woman putting her baby on her back. (923k)
Woman Baby Back
Woman with baby on her back. (812k)
Woman Carrying Merchandise Head
Woman carrying merchandise on her head. (892k)
Woman Two Kids
Woman with two kids. (734k)
Traditional Head Dress
Traditional head dress. (502k)
Dressed up. (933k)
Dressed up. (773k)
Close-up Local Woman
Close-up of local woman. (435k)
Close-up Two Women
Close-up of two women. (428k)

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