World Gliding Championship

St. Auban, France

June 29-July 12, 1997

General Information

The results for the 15m Class, the Standard Class, the Open Class, and the World Soaring Cup are also available.

Final US Team report (19-Jul-1997)

Auf Wiedersehen in 26th WGC 1999 in Bayreuth, Ge (13-Jul-1997)

Thursday 3 July : still no tasks :-((( (03-Jul-1997)

Wednesday 2 July : no tasks :-( (03-Jul-1997)

Day 1, 30 June (30-Jun-1997)

Cicadas e-song : Opening Day 29 June (29-Jun-1997)

Cicadas e-song 28 June (28-Jun-1997)

Cicadas' e-song 27 June (27-Jun-1997)

WGC news, 25-26 June (26-Jun-1997)

Training Day 1, 23 June 1997 (23-Jun-1997)

1997 World Gliding Championship, St. Auban, France, June 29-July 12, 1997 on

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