Nature in the United Arab Emirates is mostly desert.

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Nature in the United Arab Emirates

View Al-ain Oasis Dade
View of the Al-Ain oasis with dade palms. (2.3M)
Dade Palm Al-ain Oasis
A dade palm in the Al-Ain oasis. (2.7M)
Wadis Dry Stream Beds
One of the wadis (dry stream beds) going through Al-Ain. (1.7M)
Rock Formations Way Jebel
Rock formations on the way to Jebel Hafeet. (649k)
View Desert Jebel Hafeet
View of the desert from Jebel Hafeet. (817k)
Bushes Al-ain Notice Water
Bushes in Al-Ain. Notice the water pipes leading to every bush. (1449k)
Yellow-bellied House Gecko (Hemidactylus flaviviridis)
A Yellow-bellied House Gecko (Hemidactylus flaviviridis). (1.6M)
Scimitar-horned Oryx (Oryx dammah)
A Scimitar-horned Oryx (Oryx dammah, german: Säbelantilope, french: Oryx algazelle) in the zoo of Al-Ain. I only saw a few birds and some lizards in the wild. (734k)
Chimpanzee House Very Sterile
Chimpanzee house. It was very sterile, no plants or wood, just concrete and steel. It didn't look very comfortable for the chimpanzees. (522k)
Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)
A Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius, german: Dromedar, french: Dromadaire) at the camel market. (951k)
Closeup Camels Camel Market
Closeup of one of the camels at the camel market. (626k)
Desert View Camel Back
Desert view from camel back. (612k)
Few Bushes Desert
There are a few bushes in the desert. (706k)
Sand Dunes Ripples Caused
Sand dunes with ripples caused by the wind. Notice the tufts of grass everywhere. (649k)
Wind Blowing Towards Creating
The wind was blowing towards me, creating little sand avalanches on the lee side of the dune. (567k)
See Sand Blowing Over
You can see the sand blowing over the crest of the dune. (416k)
Sunset Desert
Sunset in the desert. (473k)
Camel Feet Pretty Wide
Camel feet are pretty wide and soft, made for walking in the sand, unlike the hard hoofs of horses or cows. (633k)
Small Oasis Desert
A small oasis in the desert. (531k)
Desert Sand Note Different
Desert Sand. Note the different size ripples in this picture. I don't know what causes this difference. (542k)
Animal Tracks Sand
Animal tracks in the sand. (515k)
Sunrise Over Desert
Sunrise over the desert. (551k)
Camel Had Very Floppy
This camel had a very floppy lower lip. (569k)
Couple Animal Tracks Sand
Another couple of animal tracks in the sand. The larger one is most likely from a bird, the smaller ones may be from lizards. (855k)

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