As an add-on to my trip to Madagascar in May 2001, I visited Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia, in Central Africa, my second trip to Southern Africa. The falls are spectacular to say the least. It was absolutely incredible! Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Zambezi River falls over a cliff that is about 1 km (0.6 miles) wide into a gorge that is about 100 m (330 ft) deep, but on the narrowest part only about 60 m (200 ft) wide. You stand on the opposite side of the falls, only 60 m (200 ft) away from a huge wall of water falling down into the gorge. During the rainy season, the noise is deafening, and you are enveloped by the spray. It is a unique experience.

To get a better view of the falls, I took a helicopter ride over the falls from the Zambia side of the falls. It was a spectacular ride.

A boat ride up and down the Zambezi above the falls was a nice excursion to see some wildlife along the river.

A ride on an elephant into the bush on the Zimbabwe side was a relaxing experience, even though we didn't see many animals, it is too close to civilization.

In Victoria Falls I saw a traditional dance performance which was very interesting.

Victoria Falls is quite separate of Zimbabwe. All the problems of Zimbabwe are kept away from Victoria Falls, since this is a major tourist attraction. It was very safe to visit Victoria Falls.

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Traditional Dancing
dancers a
Dancers in traditional costume. These and the ones in the following five pictures are Makishi dancers, mostly from the Luvale tribe. They live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Angola. (1113k)
dancers b
Dancers in traditional costume. (1078k)
dancers c
Dancers in traditional costume. (720k)
dancer c
Dancer in traditional costume. (606k)
dancer d
Dancer in traditional costume. This costume emphasized and exaggerated the breast. (1063k)
Drummer. (894k)
drums warming
The players warmed their drums on an open fire before they used them. (713k)
dancers stilts
Dancers on stilts. (660k)
dancer b
Dancer in traditional costume. (926k)
dance group
A dance group. These and the ones in the following two pictures are Shangani dancers. They are from Mozambique and southern Zimbabwe (797k)
dancer a
Dancer in traditional costume. (994k)
dancer e
Dancer in traditional costume. (835k)
dancer warrior
Dancer in traditional costume. (602k)
dancer closeup
Closeup of dancer in traditional costume. (788k)
weight lifting
Weight lifting. He was a young kid, maybe 15 years old. He grabbed a triangular iron bar with his teeth. The iron bar weighed about 12 kg (26 lb). (740k)
weight lifting2
The adult lifted a 40 kg (90 lb) bar with his teeth. We checked the bars and they were really that heavy. (753k)

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