I liked the pepole in Việt Nam. They were geerally very friendly. They are very industrious, they work the land extensively, getting several crops per year through irrigation. They keep the country very clean. Following are some pictures of the people and cities in Việt Nam.

The most interesting buildings in Huế are the Mausoleums. The Complex of Huế Monuments is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old town of Hội An is very nice to walk through with a market, lots of shops and many nice restaurants. The Hội An Ancient Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

People in Việt Nam

Young Local Boy
Young local boy. (734k)
Young Local Boy Cat
Young local boy with his cat. (1071k)
Young Pupils Bicycles Way
Young pupils on bicycles on their way to school. (480k)
Older Girl Students Elegant
Older girl students in the elegant school uniforms. (376k)
Local Girl Cuddling Infant
Local girl cuddling an infant. (691k)
Việt Namese Women Traditional
Việt Namese women in traditional dress. (1206k)
Local Women Traditional Dress
Local women in traditional dress. (792k)
Girl Traditional Dress
Girl in traditional dress. (643k)
Local Woman Traditional Dress
Local woman in traditional dress. (768k)
Local Woman Traditional Dress
Local woman in traditional dress. (920k)
Local Women Traditional Dress
Local women in traditional dress with children. (919k)
Local Woman Traditional Dress
Local woman in traditional dress with baby. (824k)
Local Woman Traditional Dress
Local woman in traditional dress. (638k)
Việt Namese Women Festive
Việt Namese women in festive traditional dress. (672k)
Woman Traditional Dress Contemplating
Woman in traditional dress, contemplating. (560k)
Everybody Works All Time
Not everybody works all the time. (357k)
Street Vendor Local Dress
Street vendor in local dress taking a rest. (1026k)
Getting Ready Motorcycle Ride
Getting ready for a motorcycle ride. (706k)
After About 1700 People
After about 17:00, people come out on the street to play sports. There were about 6 Badminton courts set up in this area. Some of the participants were quite old, probably over 60. (400k)
Volleyball Town Plaza
Volleyball in the town plaza. (738k)
Men Street Watching Board
Men on the street watching a board game. (277k)
Typical Việt Namese Women
Typical Việt Namese women with the conical hats, carrying loads on bamboo poles. They are wearing the typical clothing of Việt Namese women. (326k)


Houseboats Perfume River Huế
Houseboats on the Perfume River in Huế. (443k)
Closeup Houseboat Perfume River
A closeup of a houseboat on the Perfume River. (429k)
Boats Motors
Some of the boats have motors. (382k)
Some of them are rowed. (512k)
Small Row Boat
Small row boat. (772k)
Strangely Shaped Boats Đà
Strangely shaped boats near Đà Nẵng. They are round, and have no keel, just like big wicker baskets. (360k)
Vegetable Transport Boat Hạ
Vegetable transport on a boat in Hạ Long Bay. (868k)
Houseboats Hạ Long Bay
Houseboats on Hạ Long Bay. (741k)
Boats Used Houseboats Bringing
These boats are used as houseboats and for bringing tourists up-river to the mausoleums around Huế. (345k)
Safety Instructions Boat Perfume
Safety instructions on the boat on the Perfume River. (332k)
Ferry Boats Getting Ready
Ferry boats getting ready to carry tourists. (814k)
Tourist Ferry Boats
Tourist on ferry boats. (930k)
Cave To Beach Small
They go through a cave to get to a beach in a small bay. (845k)
Gets Pretty Busy Cave
It gets pretty busy in the cave after some of the larger passenger ships arrive. (774k)
Passenger Ships Hạ Long
Passenger ships on Hạ Long Bay. (664k)
Passenger Ships Hạ Long
Passenger ships on Hạ Long Bay. There was a lot of ship trafffic in Hạ Long Bay. (646k)
Ship Trafffic Hạ Long
Ship trafffic in Hạ Long Bay. (732k)
Bicycles Routinely Used Two
Bicycles are routinely used for two people, sometimes three. (383k)
Rickshaws Loaded Too
Rickshaws are loaded too. (376k)
Put Incredible Loads Bicycles
They put some incredible loads on their bicycles. (303k)
Loaded Tricycle
A loaded tricycle. (399k)
Motorcycles Loaded Well
Motorcycles are loaded as well. (969k)
Motorcycle Carrying Bicycle
A motorcycle carrying a bicycle. (353k)
Load Chicken Way Market
A load of chicken on the way to the market. (353k)
Load Piglets Way Market
A load of piglets on the way to the market. (326k)
Load Puppies Way Market
A load of puppies on the way to the market. They are destined for a restaurant. I tried to find a restaurant that served dog meat, but couldn't find one. (365k)
Ladies Often Wear Long
Ladies often wear long gloves and face masks on their motorcycles to protect them from the sun. (428k)
Ready Charge! Sometimes Quite
Ready to charge! Sometimes it was quite intimidating to see a phalanx of motorcycles, 30 wide, waiting at a red traffic light, ready to charge as soon as the light changes. (469k)
Country Animal Drawn Carts
In the country, animal drawn carts are still used. (424k)


Barber Set Shop Street
A barber has set up shop on the street in Hà Nội. (454k)
Cobbler Work Street
A cobbler at work in the street. (367k)
Bicycle Repair Shop
Bicycle repair shop. (358k)
Roadsidde Vendors Local Dress
Roadsidde vendors in local dress. (1347k)
Portable Restaurants Move
One of the portable restaurants on the move. (434k)
Portable Restaurant Operation
A portable restaurant in operation. (464k)
Small Local Restaurant
Small local restaurant. (835k)
Mobile Fruit Vendor Carry
Mobile fruit vendor. They carry their fruits and vegetables and set up shop on a sidewalk. (1020k)
Boat Vendor Dry Hạ
A boat vendor in Dry Hạ Long Bay, rowing her boat with her feet. (450k)
Dredging Operation Huế
Dredging operation near Huế. (375k)
Order Haul Heavy Bucket
In order to haul up the heavy bucket with gravel, the operate a winch with their feet. I guess legs are stronger than arms, so it makes sense to use them for heavy lifting. (387k)
Squid Fishing Vessel Wooden
Squid fishing vessel. The wooden superstructure is used for drying the squid. (258k)
Fishing Boats Hạ Long
Fishing boats in Hạ Long Bay. (1146k)
Fishing Boat Hạ Long
Fishing boat on Hạ Long Bay. (843k)
Hauling Fishing Net
Hauling in a fishing net. (1076k)
Brick Factory Sái Gòn
A brick factory near Sái Gòn. (303k)
Mud Loaded Into Brick
The mud is loaded into the brick forming machine. (403k)
Machine Extrudes Formed Bricks
The machine extrudes the formed bricks as a continuous stream. They are cut into individual bricks by this wire frame. (422k)
Bricks Dried Sun Before
The bricks are dried in the sun before being fired. (492k)
Kiln Firing Bricks
Kiln for firing bricks. (385k)
Silkworms Feeding Mulberry Leaves
Silkworms feeding on Mulberry leaves. (553k)
Ready Build Cocoon Put
When they are ready to build their cocoon, they are put in such a wooden tray. (439k)
Cocoons Built Put Boiling
When the cocoons are built, they are put in boiling water to kill the worms, and the silk threads are unwound onto a spindle. (387k)
Loom Weaving Silk Cloth
A loom for weaving silk cloth. (436k)

Agriculture and Markets

Rice Farming Terraces Mountains
Rice farming terraces in the mountains north of Hà Nội. (1097k)
Rice Farming Terraces Mountains
Rice farming terraces in the mountains north of Hà Nội. (1096k)
Rice Farming Terraces Mountains
Rice farming terraces in the mountains north of Hà Nội. (1055k)
Sun Reflecting Rice Paddies
The sun reflecting on rice paddies. (1045k)
Rice Farming Community
Rice farming community. (1034k)
Rice Field Work Done
Rice field work. Most of it is done by hand, only sometimes machines of plows drawn by water buffalo are used. (464k)
Rice Seedlings First Grown
Rice seedlings are first grown densely in a few fields. (301k)
Seedlings Then Replanted Further
The seedlings are then replanted further apart to allow the plants to fully grow. (367k)
Re-planting All Done Hand
The re-planting is all done by hand, back breaking work. (392k)
Working Rice Paddy
Working in a rice paddy. (1084k)
Even Irrigating Rice Paddies
Even irrigating the rice paddies is done frequently by hand. (418k)
Flower Stand Market Sái
A flower stand in the market in Sái Gòn. (473k)
Fruit Stand Market
A fruit stand in the market. (398k)
Lemons Limes
Lemons and limes. (355k)
Squid Sale Very Smelly
Squid for sale. It was very smelly in that area. (362k)
Pig. (805k)
Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo. (993k)

Buildings and Towns

A cemetery. (351k)
Property Lots Narrow Long
Property lots are narrow and long. (439k)
Tv Antennas Everywhere Village
TV antennas are everywhere. This village was some distance from Sái Gòn. They had to put the antennas on long poles in order to receive the signal from Sái Gòn. It looked quite funny. (317k)
Small Pagoda Island Lake
A small pagoda on an island in the lake in the center of Hà Nội. (428k)
Hồ Chí Minh Mausoleum
Hồ Chí Minh mausoleum. (238k)
Typical Communist Monument All
A typical communist monument. There were not all that many of these around. (452k)
Japanese Covered Bridge 17th
Japanese covered bridge from the 17th century. (401k)
Chinese Assembly Hall Hội
Chinese Assembly Hall in Hội An. These are lavishly decorated mansions from the 17th century. (402k)
Fishing Village South Huế
Fishing Village south of Huế. (388k)
Citadel Huế
The Citadel in Huế. (302k)
Bullet Holes Wall Citadel
Bullet holes in the wall of the Citadel are testimony of the fierce fighting for the Citadel during the US war. (366k)
Ceremonial Drum Citadel
A ceremonial drum in the Citadel. (382k)
Palace Imperial City Citadel
Palace in the Imperial City in the Citadel. (279k)
Roof Ornament Buildings Imperial
Roof ornament on one of the buildings in the Imperial City. (367k)
Emperor's Throne Imperial City
Emperor's throne in the Imperial City. (479k)
Very Pretty Peaceful Park
Very pretty and peaceful park in which one of the mausoleums is situated. (390k)
Garden Mausoleums
Garden at one of the mausoleums. (534k)
Bonsai Mausoleum Complexes Huế
A bonsai in one of the mausoleum complexes near Huế. (367k)
Description Emperor's Life Mausoleums
The description of the emperor's life in one of the mausoleums. (430k)
Mausoleum Decorated Entirely Pottery
This mausoleum was decorated entirely with pottery shards. (466k)
Detail Mausoleum Pottery Shards
Detail of this mausoleum with the pottery shards. (376k)
Each Mausoleum Had Set
Each mausoleum had a set of statues like these in the front. (402k)
Entrance Củ Chi Tunnels
Entrance to one of the Củ Chi tunnels. (369k)
Very Well Camouflaged Entrance
A very well camouflaged entrance to the tunnel system. The Việt Công would pop out of such a hidden entrance, shoot at you and be gone before you knew where he came from. (426k)
Vent Hole Tunnels Very
A vent hole in one of the tunnels. It is very narrow in there, not for somebody who is claustrophobic. I went only into the first level and left the lower two levels for somebody else. (277k)
Ball Sure Ruin Day
This ball sure can ruin your day when you run into it. (357k)
Trap Spikes Fall
A trap with spikes to fall on. (349k)
Cao Đài Cathedral Tây
The Cao Đài cathedral in Tây Ninh. (435k)
Cao Đài Priests Three
Cao Đài Priests. The three colors represent the three founding religions of Cao Đài: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. (381k)
Cao Đài Priestess
A Cao Đài priestess. (377k)
Map Description Cát Tiên
The map and description of the Cát Tiên nature reserve. (425k)
Road Going Into Cát
The road going into Cát Tiên (if you can call it that). (465k)
Interior Re-unification Palace Sái
Interior of the Re-unification Palace in Sái Gòn. (426k)
Huge Buddha Statue Small
A huge Buddha statue on a small hill outside Sái Gòn. (349k)
Buddhist Temple Sái Gòn
A Buddhist temple in Sái Gòn. (463k)
Sell Caged Birds Front
They sell caged birds in front of the temple as votive gifts. People pray and then set the birds free. (377k)
Incense Burning Done Abandon
Incense burning is done with abandon. People take fist fulls of incense sticks (20-30 of them), and light them. It is hard to breathe in the temple because of the incense smoke. (328k)
Pagoda Marble Mountain
Pagoda on Marble Mountain. (345k)
Small Shrine Limestone Cave
A small shrine in a limestone cave in Hạ Long Bay. (1110k)

Arts and Artifacts

Crane Standing Turtle Crane
A crane standing on a turtle. The crane symbolizes high spirit, elegance, and purity. The turtle represents longevity, stability. (424k)
Brahma Statue Chăm Kingdom
Brahma Statue from the Chăm Kingdom in the Chăm museum in Đà Nẵng. (333k)
Shiva Lingam Chăm Museum
A Shiva Lingam in the Chăm museum. These phallic statues are symbols for the Hindu God Shiva. The Lingam is set in the Yoni, a square, with a square groove around the statue. The Shiva Lingam is a combination of the Lingam and the Yoni, the male and female sex organs. I saw these also in Kâmpuchéa at one of the temple sites, and a lot in Nepal. (375k)
Ganesha Statue
Ganesha Statue. (367k)
Traditional Orchestra
A traditional orchestra. (355k)
Musician Playing Bells
A musician playing bells. (277k)
One-stringed Instrument Played During
The one-stringed instrument played during the water puppet show. (327k)
One-string Instrument
The one-string instrument. (294k)
Hand Blown Organ
A hand blown organ. (321k)
Scenes Hà Nội Water
Scenes from the Hà Nội water puppet show. (426k)
Scenes Hà Nội Water
Scenes from the Hà Nội water puppet show. (348k)
Puppeteers Hà Nội Water
The puppeteers of the Hà Nội water puppet show. (387k)

Kiep Bac Temple and Con Son Pagoda

The Kiep Bac Temple honors the General Tran Hung Dao who successfully fought off Mongol invaders in the 13th century. It was originally built in 1300.

Con Son Pagoda was built in the 10th century and was expanded in the 13th century during the Tran Dynasty.

Kiep Bac Temple
Kiep Bac Temple. (840k)
Closer View Shrine Kiep
Closer view of a shrine in the Kiep Bac Temple. (916k)
Statue Dignitary Kiep Bac
Statue of a dignitary in the Kiep Bac Temple. (1057k)
Ceremonial Weapons Kiep Bac
Ceremonial weapons in the Kiep Bac Temple. (1068k)
Wooden Horse Kiep Bac
Wooden horse in the Kiep Bac Temple. (683k)
Steles Kiep Bac Temple
Steles at the Kiep Bac Temple. (1108k)
View Con Son Complex
View of the Con Son complex. (970k)
Steles Con Son Complex
One of the steles in the Con Son complex. (967k)
Incense Vessel Con Son
Incense vessel in the Con Son complex. (945k)
Inside Con Son Pagoda
Inside the Con Son Pagoda. (1102k)
Inside Con Son Pagoda
Inside the Con Son Pagoda. (1027k)
Inside Con Son Pagoda
Inside the Con Son Pagoda. (1116k)
Statue Con Son Pagoda
Statue in the Con Son Pagoda. (931k)
Statue Con Son Pagoda
Statue in the Con Son Pagoda. (908k)
Small Pond Con Son
Small pond near the Con Son Pagoda. (1165k)
Cemetery Con Son Pagoda
Cemetery near the Con Son Pagoda. (1108k)
Cemetery Con Son Pagoda
Cemetery near the Con Son Pagoda. (1081k)
Fairy Chess Board Con
Fairy Chess Board near the Con Son Pagoda. (1119k)

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