Khepri was associated with the scarab beetle. He was a very ancient God, worshiped since at least the 5th Dynasty. Objects resembling scarabs have been found from as early as the Neolithic period (7000 - 5000 BCE). The scarab is associated with life and rebirth, since it rolls balls of dung, from which later young scarabs emerge. Ancient lore has it that Khepri, in the form of a large scarab, rolls the large ball of the Sun along the sky.

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Khepri - The God of the Sun, Creation, Life, and Resurrection

Altar Dedicated Khepri Karnak
An altar, dedicated to Khepri in the Karnak Temple in Luxor. Notice the granite carving of a Scarab on top of the altar. (855k)
Interior Tomb Nefertari Showing
Interior of the tomb of Nefertari, showing the God Khepri (center left, with the Scarab Beetle as head), with Osiris (far left), Ra Horakhty (with the Sun Disk), and the Goddess Neith (far right). (687k)

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