Ma'at was the Goddess of Truth and Balance. She was considered a concept of truth and order, so she was thought to have come into existence at the moment of creation, having no creator for herself. She was involved in the ceremony of the Weighing of the Heart before Osiris (see Egyptian Mythology). She is shown with a feather on her head, the feather against which the heart of the deceased is weighed.

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Ma'at - The Goddess of Truth and Balance

Relief Ma'at Scepter Luxor
Relief of Ma'at, with the Was scepter, in the Luxor Temple. (644k)
Close-up Relief Ma'at Luxor
Close-up of the relief of Ma'at in the Luxor Temple. (672k)
Relief Luxor Temple Am
Relief in the Luxor Temple. I am not sure whether this is Isis or Ma'at. The winged Goddess is usually Isis, but she has the feather of Ma'at on her head. (1099k)

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