He was the Personification of the Earth (see Egyptian Mythology), brother and husband of Nut, the sky, son of Shu and Tephnut. He was the father of Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephtys. He is usually shown with the Pshent, or Double Crown, but more ornamental than the regular Pshent.

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Geb - The Personification of the Earth

Colored Relief Geb Wearing
Colored relief of Geb, wearing the Pshent and holding the Was scepter, on a column in the Temple of Kom Ombo. The paint is over 2,200 years old. (588k)
Relief Geb Right Nut
Relief of Geb (right) and Nut, his sister/wife (left) in the Temple of Kom Ombo. On the upper tier you can see Horus with the body of a lion and the Pshent (left), and Wadjet, the Winged Cobra with the Deshret, the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. (642k)
Relief Geb Wearing Pshent
Relief of Geb, wearing the Pshent (center, holding the Was scepter), with his sister/wife Nut (left), and a Pharaoh (right), in the Temple of Kom Ombo. (863k)

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